Chrono Cross

So… I downloaded the soundtrack as it is customary for me to do with games I’ve played. And I will admit the soundtrack itself is good. I guess what struck me was how badly integrated into the game it was, most likely because of how bad the battle music is and how some areas grated my nerves with pointless attacks. The game’s final presentation is still a disapointment and the development, a failure.

You’re probably right, but the one single concrete memory I have of CC is fighting Miguel in the Dead Sea/Sea of Eden to that mournful tune. So I quite liked it, probably.

Yeah, that can happen with OSTs. When I think of FF7’s ost, I think “It’s okay” cos the World Map theme takes a long time to wind up, and I just didn’t like the battle theme that much. But when I actually LISTEN to it, I go “oh yeah! It WAS a really good OST” :stuck_out_tongue: Just, the map and battle songs are so important, I make generalizations based on them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Scars of Time is one of my all-time favorites. And I don’t think the music was badly integrated at all.

The battle theme is exactly the same as in Radical Dreamers, so it’s understandable that it sucks and yes, some areas were really fucking annoying but contrary to what many people say, I absolutely love the game.

Yes I know, it’s not as good as Trigger, but at least it does merit of it’s own instead of just leeching off the famous name like FFTA or FFX-2.

Don’t think I didn’t spot your accidental Haiku SG. :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally I didn’t like the battle music much, compared to ToE or FFVI.

I guess I really am the only person that thought Chrono Cross’s battle theme was good. :stuck_out_tongue: I really liked it. :stuck_out_tongue: There were so many meter changes, it’s just so COOL!

I agree, also on the hidden island when you HAVE to use Riddel to fight and she dies a lot. You know what about talking about.

I also loooved the boss battle theme. All of CC’s music was different and I really enjoyed it.

Oh my God. If you send me the OST, you have no idea how many babies I will have for you.

I used the element-counter trick, that way I got the you-know-what before even going to you-know-where.

And this is off topic but I just wanted to say that Pip is the most freakishingly cute thing I’ve ever seen.

Which one’s the boss theme?

Talk to DG, he’s my main supplier of OSTs. And then I distribute individual tracks to other people. It’s some sorta weird drug dealer system, where he’;s the supplier, I’m the seller, and other people are the buyers.

But yeah, The theme payed during Miguel’s fight is great. (For some reason, I have that song listed as “People seized with life”. Is that the correct name?) I’m also fond of Wind Stars and Waves, or whatever the hell Nikki’s song is called.

Woo, thank you :slight_smile:

You really shouldn’t refer everyone to DG for their OST needs. It’s rude.

I don’t mind as long as I don’t get swamped by requests :smiley:

Besides, it gives me a chance to slip them a few really obscure tracks to broaden their VGM horizons =P

I liked <u>Another Ari Village</u>, <u>Dragonrider</u>, and especially <u>Dream of the Shore Bordering Another World</u>. Does the OST have those?

Yes, although my track names might vary on a few. I’ll be up late tomorrow night, but if you see me I’ll send.

The very first track you hear in the beginning of the game before you confront Lynx.

You can get most of the soundtrack in PSF format. Check

The thing that baffled me the most about Chrono Cross was that there was no music during the final Boss battle. Was THAT supposed to happen? Or was my copy of the game just defective?

No, it was supposed to be like that. I thought it was a pretty nifty effect, hearing your weapons clash with no background music, kinda improved the “Black Hole O’ Nothingness” effect.

One of the best themes is the one that plays during the Dragon God fight, anybody knows it’s name?