Christmas RPGC?

Well folks, its not even Halloween, but we’ve shown a tendency to need some preparation. I missed the CA meets although in the past we used to have Canada meets. So, I’m curious to see if anyone was thinking of organizing anything, since this would probably be the last and only CA meet I’d be able to make.

Well I’ll come, but definatly can’t host at my place this time.

Some of us have talked about it a little, but it doesn’t seem like there’s anyplace available. We stayed at Kero’s the first two times, but the meets have grown too big for his apartment, and like Frame said, his place is out. So really it’s just up to someone to volunteer to host it, till then there’s not really much we can do.

CA meet? Ah, man…I dought myparents would let me go be at an older people thing…crap!

Not likely, here. I’ll jsut stay home and keep lookig for a way to get a disposable income. Or schooling. Or right now, nap.

You go and you’d be scarred for life ten times over.

THat would be funny. Keep it down, the kid’s trying to sleep! Hey, put that liquor away!

I’m not going back to Canada untill they give Quebec their freedom

You have no idea how hilarious that comment is after reading the new Lucky Luke album.

(I could join. I have the whoooole December off… and my final paycheck gets a december bonus too!)

I’d go if there was one.

We wanna make a Cali meet sometime in December or maybe Early January, but the only thing holding back all the badass preparations, is the one most important thing: A place in LA to stay. :stuck_out_tongue: Kero’s is fine if it’s 9-11 people, but they’re getting waaaay too big for that, and plus it’s kinda not nice to just volunteer his house against his volition. :stuck_out_tongue: If it were small enough, and he were willing, he would be the perfect candidate; however, we have no evidence to suggest either. You’re new, Sin. As a pledge into our 1337 group, you should have to volunteer your house. Or walk around the suburbs with us blindfolded and naked, whichever. :stuck_out_tongue: Besides, I remember telling me you had a Jack in the Box like 4 blocks from your house. This is an EASY decision to make! For me. :stuck_out_tongue: (In other words would you be willing? :D:D:D)

I second SG’s motion.

I doubt I’ll be going anywhere at all for a few years unless I win the lottery. :too bad:

The brat’s already going to sleep. She’s trying to get the jump on us! This’ll learn her…
places stool in front of her so she bashes her head in her sleep

(reads Azumanga too much)

Actually, I don’t care about liquor, my dad sometimes drinks that…

Why can’t there be a midwest meet. That way I have a chance in hell of going to it >:(

Pee in daddy’s liquor bottle :smiley:

Fuck the west. Fuck the midwest. EAST COAST.

No, seriously. We need an east coast party. We got like tons of people over here, too. Like Merl. Who’s like 975697359873993 people as far as RPGC goes.

But Charl wouldn’t come from california to here.
Edit: <3 charl ;_;

I watch it to much too. Slips out from under stool, and places rabid Kamineko in her shirt well she’s not looking and goes back to sleep

I don’t have space at my place sadly. For the unaware, my sister didn’t move out after getting married if that’s a hint :P.