Christmas avatar Redux

<img src=“”> It that time of the year again…the time to change your avatar/sprite over to a Christmas version. Last year had Epicgamer setting fire to a Christmas tree, Spoonybard as a elf, and Weiila as a angel.

Other words…I want to see your Christmas avatar/sprite. It can be something from last year or a brand new creation. Heck, you can be a rebel without a cause and make a HALLOWEEN avatar for no reason at all. :smiley: Just don’t steal my idea of a murderious man of snow (you can use Jack Frost from the line of bad movies about a killer snowman).

I’m all set for winter with my endless supply of oranges.

Mine’s already on, but what the hey :stuck_out_tongue:

Geuss I’ll throw my one from last year up.

I’m still looking for one…stay tuned!

Last year, around this time, I was usign a Lenna Sptrite TD made for me becuase my apparent acceptance of the Wigglytuff Avatar someone forced on me “freaked him out” (exact quote). So, I don’t got one this year.

I’m making mine right this second.
It’ll be up soon.

I’ve got a Pom Pom snowman for now. I’m going to change it something more Christmas-like in a week or so.

I don’t know if mine is appropriate or not, so if someone feels offended, I’ll promptly change it.

Time for another horrible avatar made in MS Paint? Okay then.

I have my avatar ready.

Will this work?

Look! It’s Ninja Santa Claus!

EDIT: Sig’s up now, too

Here is mine.

Hmmm…I think I’ve got an old pic of Crawly (picture from Rampart Crawler) with a badly drawn hat somewhere…

Or I’ll just find something new…

Aww the cute let’s teek a look at dat bwain is gone ;.;
Oh well. I’m not putting mine on yet. >) Ph33r. It kicks ass.

<img src=“”> Too early x_X

Hmm … I’ll have to find something.

Don’t got one, so sad, but I like the Atrast Claus sprite, and will probably use it elsewhere.

I put mine on yesterdy, but what the hell. Now instead of being flamed, people who annoy me will be beat to death with a candy cane.