Chocobo Pronounciation

It’s chocobo as in chocolate goddamit! I hate it in FF10 when they say chocobo as in (oh!).

Ch(oh!)cobo sounds better.

True, but blah I’ve always said Chocolate Chocobo.

Personally, I prefer chocKobo as well, I don’t know why, it just seemed to make more sense to me pronounced that way :hmm:

OK, two replies but only my vote? You gonna vote?

I always pronounced it cho-cho-bow as well. Never occured to me there was another way…

Until I played FFX, I had pronnounced it Chocobo as in Kokobo. I sound the first Ch as a k.

There’s a girl on board the S.S Liki that refers to it as cho-ko-bow, as does the demo disc for Chocobo’s Mysterious Dungeon 2. 8)

I’ve always said Cho-ko-bo
Choc-o-bo doesn’t have that same ring.

I always pronounce it as ‘chuck-o-bo’

'CHOC’obo sounds better, even though it’s pronounced the ‘other way’ in FFX.




Again, the real pronunciation is the way they do it in FFX, based on the phonetic spelling in Japanese. Sorry to bust your bubble.

It’s (oh!). I can tell, because otherwise it would sound just weird. Plus like Valkyrie said, it sounds better!

I always called it chocobo as in chocolate, although that isn’t the correct way.

Before actually hearing it in FFX, I always used to say Cho-ko-bo.

But now I try to say it how it is meant to be, but I still end up saying Chokobo, by mistake. It is hard to change how you say something, when you’ve said one way for ages.

I’ve always pronounced it the way the second option says.

The first time I saw the word (I was like 13, playing FFVI), I thought it was “chock-a-boo”. Now that I know the real pronounciation I say “choh-co-bow”.

I say it Cho-Ka-Bow. But then again, I don’t talk about chocobo’s amongst my friends or anything, so it’s not a big deal ;p