Chip's Challenge

Does anyone remember this gem of a game? You got it with the Windows Entertainment Pack, and it was a delightful and challenging puzzler. I recall it with great happiness and fun.

Now, my question for you (besides your memories of it) is this: Does anyone know where you can download it? And Google doesn’t pull up anything but FAQs.

I used to have it, I could probably send it to you if I could find it again.

I used to have it, too. I even beat the damn game (a testament, believe me), but sadly, I no longer have it.

Above post, if anyone finds Jezzball, that’d be cool too.

I remember that game. I used to have it then my dad loaned the disk (it came with windows) to a friend of his and the hag never gave it back. I was very sad. I LOVED that game.

I remember that, that was one of those games where if you hit the wrong key you had to do the whole friggen level over again.

Yeah, chips challenge was fucking annoying yet addictive. I never did beat the thing. I got to about level 32 I think.


I found it like 2 seconds after I posted the second time, so thanks anyway.

It’s a fun game. I used to play it when I was at my neighbor’s house when they had an old Windows 3.11 computer.

It was fun, but one of the frickin’ hardest games I’ve ever played. -_-

oooh I loved and hated that game.:slight_smile:

I want that, too! We played that for hours on end…

A nifty little game, that is. :slight_smile:

Yeah, that was a pretty fun game but there were these levels once in a while that seemed impossible without a guide.

And that monster… Now <i>that’s</i> what I call a Demonic Petunia! Mwaha! I loved the level where you could tease one of them… Uwee hee hee!

what about Pipe Dream… Does anyone know where to download it?

Pipe Dream… That game is fun… I think it’s on GB or something owned my Nintendo, but I’m not sure. I think we have it.

I actually still have Chip’s Challenge, Jezzball and Pipe Dream on my old computer!! I don’t play them, I don’t even know why I still have them, but hey retro games can be pretty cool!!

Oh yeah, I had those games on my old, old computer. Thanks for the links.