Chinese, fuckn scary.

Reposting links you saw on digg is cool

I didn’t see this on dig. I saw this on pspmod, where somebody else probably saw this on dig, but at the time we were looking for this kind of stuff.

Next time steal something that doesn’t suck.

Calling for a deletion of this ridiculous thread.


我也特别害怕大陆人。一次,我坐一个出租车,还有那个师傅看到我,他说 “噢,天啊!一个洋鬼子” 我大吃一惊,我没听过一个大陆人说 “洋鬼子” 我问他 “师傅,你为什么叫我 ‘洋鬼子’ 这个单词一点也不礼貌” 他告诉我 “我的妻子跟我离婚了。 是因为她找到了一个外国的男朋友。 她告诉我老外的阴茎比中国人的大一点。 她说得对吗?” 我告诉他 “我怎么知道? 我从来没看过一个中国人的阴茎!” 然后,他一直脱下他的裤子让我看他的阴茎。 他说 “你看! 我的阴茎! 它大不大?” 其实,我没看过他的阴茎,因为我就跑了。

This isn’t funny.

It’s especially not funny because autocomplete isn’t hard to rig.

You may think that this joke is missing a punchline, but the subtlety of the joke lies in the perceived lack of social tact in the driver, and the normal, modest reaction of the storyteller. The humour relies on the irony of the fact that the audience was expecting a calmer response from the storyteller, whereas he simply ran away from the problem, like how the foreign devils ran away from the People’s Liberation Army during the Yangtze River incident.

I have no idea what this thread is about, but I vote that we derail it to talk about Gay Bear Dating or those obnoxious Evony ads that keep popping up all over the place.

This thread is relevent to autoblending with Photoshop CS4 Complete, The ad at the top of the page tells me so.

…Im not going to pretend I know what autoblending is, but when I wrote I am terrified of in google, I got the same result.

So, anyone met any sexy :gaybear: lately?

Oh my God! I’m so scary…:moogle:

I can’t read ching-chong! What’s it say?

Waitaminute, sun, you’re from Wuhan U?

I have some friends from Jacksonville State who taught up there. How big is ya’lls institution?


The mighty river flows east,
Sweeping away countless heroes down the ages;
An old fortress on the west
May be Red Cliff where valiant Chou Yu fought.
Jagged rocks scatter foam,
Fierce billows crash on the shore,
Hurling up drifts of snow:
A scene lovely as a painting,
But how many heroes fell here!
I think of Chou Yu that year
Newly wed to Lord Chao’s daughter,
Handsome and bold
With plumed fan and scholar’s cap,
Laughing and joking as his mighty foe
Was turned to dust and ashes.
Do you smile at me for a sentimental fool,
Roaming in spirit through that ancient kingdom
Though my hair is white before its time?
Life is but a dream –
Let me drink a cup to the moon above the river!

Undergraduate class is about 700,000 students.

I just got a master’s degree in Wuhan U. That university has about 100,000 population, very huge.

This has nothing to do with Mao. I’ts written by the Poet Su Shi in the year 1080.

What did you get your degree in?

Google autocomplete is very easy to rig, the Chinese government recently did too to use the rigged autocompletes to force Google to remove translate and other features for any users that use thier Chinese language versions.

My son is scarier than you Sun =D

Just to post an explanation of the OP, this comes from something posted on christwire, a parody site set up by some goons a while ago.