Charactres who use scythe

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Do you know some characters from RPG games, who use scythe ?? I think it is Ash from VS, and guy from Final Fantasy Tactics, who used it (I don’t know his name). Know more ?? If you do, please write them :slight_smile: I’ll be grateful.

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Magus from Chrono Trigger!
Gotta love Magus!

Wein Cruz, the main character of Growlanser II, weilds a scythe. Or rather a ring that transforms into a scythe.

You know, if I were a ring warrior like Wein, I don’t think it would be transforming into a scythe. I’m pretty sure it’d be transforming into something like a machine gun.


Magus from Chrono Trigger, Lynx from Chrono Cross, and, if I recall correctly, Lorelai from Suikoden I and II.

Uh… I don’t remember anyone in Vagrant Story or FFT that could use a scythe.

Characters who use scythes! Learn to spell!!!

You could use a scythe in Neverwinter Nights, but I can’t think of anything besides that.

In Disgaea, the strongest axe-type weapon looks like a giant scythe. Give it to a Majin and he can kick major butt.

Piastol, from Skies of Arcadia (legends exclusive? not sure).

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This guy from KH2… Forgot his name.

Legends exclusive, TD.

Landis from Suikoden III.

I’m not surprised if you haven’t heard about him, or the game really. It was by complete accident I got him, so both the game and his character are pretty obscure.

Ashley could make a weapon that looked scythe-ish but ended up more like a long curved “pick” since it wasnt really a blade.

And in FFT some of the random baddies had a scythe in thier attack animations. Not human baddies, but the demon guys. And I think one of the Zodiac Bosses had a scythe. Its been far too long since I’ve played through that masterpiece.

Lady Harken in Wild ARMs 1 uses a scythe as well. And yes, Magus of course restrains from glomping, can’t afford to lose the blood

Whoa, I totally forgot about Lady Harken’s existence. She was hot, I have some new masturbation material now.

I think Lorelai only uses a scythe in Suikoden 2, in the first game she uses a bow.
(I might have that backwards, I know she uses a bow in one and a scythe in the other.)

the death scythe fropm gundam wing, duo’s gundam. I think you are all talking about people characters.

He may have been talking about Queen Remedi from FFTA.

Caim (Main Character), Drag-on Dragoon 1/ Drakenguard 1.