Charactres who use scythe

The… grim… reaper…

Ditto to you Sonoko!
But how did I foresee that Magus had to be #1 on the list?!
Too true! You HAVE to love Magus! - Even if he was a bit senile…


his name is marluxia and while he may look like a badass he is actualy a little pussy and dosn’t deserve the power of a scythe or right to be the final boss. he goes down like a little bitch.

:moogle: dissappointed with the ending?

how you guess?

Karst from Golden Sun: The Lost Age.

Scythes and sickles were also equippable weapons in a few of the Dragon Warrior games.

Oh yes, there’s also Karst’s less attractive sister Menardi. Why is that there are so few characters who use Scythes? True, they aren’t really good as weapons but neither are the hundred thousand Buster Sword replicas that every third character EVERYWHERE seems to use.

Yeah it’s the second, since one of the character’s from Suikoden 1 (farm guy?) gave it to her