Character names

I was wondering what names some of you have given your characters. Some games, such as Chrono Trigger, practically beg you to make up your own names by giving defaults like “Chrono”, “Frog”, and “Robo”. On the other hand, a game like RS3 actually discourages you from changing names, by using different letter spacing if you enter your own. Anyways, here are some of the names that I’ve used (yes, I know most of them sound ridiculous):

Ness -> Bokka
Jeff -> Minto
Poo -> Bongh

Chrono Trigger
Chrono -> Vraon
Marle -> Larle
Lucca -> Aucca
Frog -> Freip
Ayla -> Xynga

? -> Gnoot

? -> Byonk

Lise -> Leitz
Angela -> Triyne

Link -> Maope (although I only did this once, because it’s weird playing Zelda and not calling the main character Link)

SoE (although I didn’t play much of this game)
hero -> Tborm
dog -> Grohlf

Most of the time, I leave the default names as is. Anyone else?

I always left their default names, except when they didn’t have one. Though I don’t remember those.

I named Barret from FF7 “Mr T”

And Robo from Chrono Trigger “HAL” and Crono “Dave”

If Robo is HAL then Lucca should be Dave.

I remember naming a random FFT squire “Noseless dude” or some abreviation.

<img src=“”> I always leave the defult name in, unless it not their real name, which I will use that instead. Like Sara for Dagger/Garnet, Glenn for Frog, Schala for Kidd, etc. And if the game lacks a regular name, then I will try to find their offical default name, like Tir for her of Suikoden or Randi for the hero of Secret of Mana.

I usually stick with the defauts, but in games where they’re in ALL CAPS I tend to change it to a normal name. For example, CID -> Cid.

I have messed with a few when I was feeling punchy, however. Some were simple, like Frog -> Froggy, but others were a little more complicated and/or silly, like Chrono -> Ryano (a play on my own name), Robo -> Robotnik, and Ayla -> Hottie. :get it?:

Oh, and Magus was always Darth. :fungah:

FF4: Cecil(DarkKnight): IrnMan

FF6: Umaro: Harry
Gau: Gay
Locke: Thief

FF7: Barret: Princess

FF9: Quina: Fatass

If a character has a name revealed during the game, I name them that in the 2nd playthrough(i.e. Magus=Janus, Marle=Nadia, Frog=Glenn, Red XIII=Nanaki, Dagger=Sara)

If a default name isn’t given, I usually go with “Rand” or “Argh!”.

Because I were very impatient and curious as for what it was… when I played Earthbound, I called EVERYTHING ‘AAAAAA’… that was CONfusing

I usually just rename te main character, by giving them my name. Pretty unoriginal, but it helps me get into the story more, by think I’m the hero, or whatever.

Originally posted by ahkeeyuu
[b]FF9: Quina: Fatass

If a character has a name revealed during the game, I name them that in the 2nd playthrough(i.e. Magus=Janus, Marle=Nadia, Frog=Glenn, Red XIII=Nanaki, Dagger=Sara) [/b]

I did the Quina thing too, only I wasn’t anywhere near as forgiving :get it?: and I did the “name them after their real name” too, it got bloody confusing when they’re actually revealed :thud:

Originally posted by BlueMageOne
…And Robo from Chrono Trigger “HAL” and Crono “Dave”
lol, great choices!!!

And regarding the topic: I only change the default name of the game’s main character (to my own). I usually let the other characters with their own names.

FFIX: Zidane-tyko
Vivi- Abba

I pretty much just leave the names there, so I don’t get confused when discussing it and whatnot, I do however change Frogs name to Glenn, I just think he didn’t really want to be known as “Frog”.

I never change characters’ names, except to fix their capitalization. Crono is named Crono to show how much Chrono Trigger, and time itself, centers on him. Celes is Celes because she represents distant, unattainable purity, like the celestial stars. Janus’s human side has been overtaken by the gloom and revenge inside him. His shadow magic - which he notably can’t use until he loses his family and begins to seek revenge against Lavos - is a symbol of those forces. His name becomes Magus, mage, because he now has nothing but the shadow “magic”, his gloom and vengeance, to motivate him.

I guess I could still appreciate Magus’s character if I named him “Mark”, but “Magus” is better.


Well, sometimes, when I hear a name that really seems to fity a character, I shall change it, and never ever play that character with his/her default name ever again. Examples:

Cecil and Rydia- Licec and Aidyr.
Edward- Drawde.
Edge- Sai

Bartz/Butz- Mentos (I think I was high or something when I came up with that in the first place)

Cloud- Shard
Yuffie- Schizo (it just fits her picture too damn well.)

Crono- Lumen
Lucca- Flama
Robo- Machi
Ayla- Vista
Magus- Umbra

There might be more, but I don’t care.

I was (very) briefly considering naming Frog “Kermit”. As for the name “Crono”, though, I really think the developers were just playing fill in the blank. First of all, the notion of time has no particular significance to the character at the start of the game. And second, while the game is about time travel, there’s nothing of the notion that inherently relates to the character Crono - he’s just along for the ride.

Oh, one name I forgot, because I kept all of the other FF6 names as is: :ah-ha!: -> Luthel.

I usually change them into things that will make the dialogue and monologue funny.

An example would be Butz ( FF5) --> Mom.

As a child i used to name all my characters, “poop”, “poopy”, or the ever popular, “poopfacedude”…>> <<

“Poop! Poopface! Its time to wake up!”
“And sadly, no trace of poop was ever found”
“No one ever heard from poop again”
“Crap engages the enemy!”
“You have a crush on poopfacedude, dont you?”

:thud: :thud: :thud: :thud:

I normally change the character’s names after my group of friends.

Cloud- Uriel
Tifa- Nikki (A friend of Dts, like to hit me for doing bad things)
Barret- William (My brother)
Aeris- Sarah (My best friend, her favorite chaarcter is Aeris)
Cid or Vincent- Harvey (An ex of mine, a 1337 programmer and gamer)
Cid or Vincent- Kidany (Another brother of mine, is WAY better in certain games than moi)
Yuffie- Michelle (Fiend of Nikki’s, our groups underground anime expert)
Red XIII- Duque (My chihuahua, he’s a white 5 yr old and he’s mean as hell!)
Cait Sith- Ramses or some other person I’m not much in touch with (Ramses is my youngest brother, he has NO game skill)

<b><u>Star Ocean 2:</u></b>
Claude- Uriel
Rena- Sarah
Celine- Nikki (starting to see a pattern here?)
Opera- Nikki (I never get Celine when i get Opera.)
Ashton- Harvey
Leon- Martin (Old friend of mine, moved to Germany a year ago)
Dias- Devin (Cool friend of mine & current DM of D&D)
Ernest- Martin (If I get Opera/Ernest, I usually get Dias, I HATE Leon & Ashton)
Noel- Leiru (My name backwards, also if you’ve RPed with me, he’s usually my darker half, if not my best friend)
Chisato- Michelle
Precis- Katri (REALLY hyper girl I know, excellent Chibi artist)
Bowman- Alex (Another alter ego of mine, he’s bent on Universal Domination)

I could mention more…but I’ll just leave it at that…