Center of the universe

I just got this idea from Eva and Final Fantasy. The idea that this world is all my story. I am the beginning and end of existence. I am the epic one. The universe revolves around me. I am the most important person. I am mysterious.

IN Eva and Final Fantasy, existence hung epicly over the characters. Their problems were the most important world crisis.

I am the epic one.

Your world begins and ends with you. However, every person has their own world which affects other people’s worlds. So even when you’re gone other worlds will live on.

So its just my world? My world isnt the whole world…

In Eva, Shinji’s world is THE world. He was like God, Satan, The Angel killer, and all.

I thought i could have my world be THE world like that.

His world was THE world, for him. Your visions and interpretations of events are what shapes your world, for you.

We’re all a part of Tidus’ story.


Even the X-Rated parts he never told us about? ^_~

I dont htink anything x rated happened. Tidus kissed Yunie during this one fmv.

IN ffx2 i heard there was x rated parts. Man, i havent played that game yet. Dude…i gotta play it

Ooooh, philospophy. Lemme try;

“Shit happens. Deal.”


Dude he was kidding :stuck_out_tongue: And there are no X rated parts in FFX-2, silly. Girls being less than half naked isn’t X rated.

We may also be only characters in the dream of a higher being. Go read The World of Sophie.

Naked is a funny concept. Girls are considered not naked whenever they have colored pieces of cloth on their special spots, even if they hide NOTHING. I mean it doesn’t take a brilliant imagination to predict what’s under Yuna’s wardrobe. Which is good because I’m not brilliant. They’re naaaked.

THe world of Selphie.

EDIT: Thanks for letting us know your imagination wanders under Yuna’s clothes. But this is 17 year old adolescent Hades we’re talking about, so its no surprise.

The testosterone baths make me tingle!

I’m the center of the universe. Bow down to MY will, bitches…You know you’ll have to eventually anyways.

<!–Oh yeah, Rikku on Yuna action happening the Tidus Tank -->

I heard at the beginning of FFX2, Yuna was doing it with some guy. Yeah, so that must not be x rated, but it sure sounds like fun

Uhh, selphie aitn bad!

…Man, you hear alot of crap. Hear anything considered ‘truth’ or ‘fact’ of late, or is it all fiction?

Actually, I am a person close to the truth.

I beleive soem stuff online. Peole say a lot of BS on the internet.

But I sure like fiction a lot. Meaning, stuff that is not real.

It is not just the internet. People say a lot of BS in real life too.

Anyway, this universe is everyone’s individual world’s put together. That is what makes the place so complicated.

Welcome to the boards, hero. Hopefully your stay will be a peaceful, enriching one. :slight_smile: