Cell phones

A Nokia 3310 supposedly survives not only water, but a 12 meter fall and being driven over by a Skoda Octavia (F = 14 715N)

Of course, it may not be tEH BEST EVER, but if you’re accident-prone (Or an engineering student…), it might be a nice thing to have.

Me? Nokia E51. Had it for… 2-3 years?

Some free, low-end Nokia because I needed a new phone, didn’t care, and Vaino told me to get the Nokia and sign his dad’s paycheck.

A Sony Ericsson W580. It’s that slide phone all the kids have. It’s got pretty lights when it rings or when you slide it open. It can double as an MP3 player but it drains battery power when you do. It’s got a 2.0 megapixel camera; the minimum you’ll need for a decent picture but you have to hold the phone steady for a second after you take the picture or else it’ll be blurred. Something to do with processing time I think.

It can use a memory card to store music or pictures. It’s got a calendar which I find useful to put in reminders for my day.

My parents ended up getting me one right after my old man got into a near fatal car accident. I think it’s a Sprint Kantana or something but I don’t use it aside for school purposes.

(Goddamn IE and your lack of spell checker!) shakes fist

Blackberry Curve.
Wish I had an iPhone, but they are AT&T exclusive and I’m on Verizon.
Based on whichever model they were selling in Oct., 2008

-Decent size
-Good camera
-Awesome amounts of space for notes/tasks/calendar.
-Looks sweet if you get a black, silicon hardcase
-Cheaper than the iPhone
-Buttons (not touch/heat sensative)
-email from your phone for free
-holds music/video
-text/email shows sumary of chat history.

-Need to pay extra for internet
-Apps suck
-Not java or flash compatible
-It takes a while to find all of the little kinks and make it work the way you want.
-Not the iPhone

Wow there’s a lot of anti-social freaks on this forum. Get a cellphone you fuckin’ losers - it stopped being cool to not have one in like 2002. I really can’t believe Sin doesn’t have one - I would assume working at a hospital these days would absolutely demand it. Or are you still just a student?

I have a HTC Touch Cruise

<img src=“http://www.mobilegazette.com/handsets/htc/htc-touch-cruise/htc-touch-cruise-combo.jpg”>

I honestly can’t recommend it unless you’re in a somewhat similar situation to me. One of the main advantages of these babies is I can run Pleco Dictionary - undoutedly the world’s greatest electronic chinese-english dictionary. Use it every day dozens of times. Of course, for work I need an email/GPRS capability as well…I can also draw in Chinese characters on the screen when sending a message. touch screens seem to be more popular over here in asia for that reason - typing in Chinese with QWERTY is just a PITA. Having a portable GPS is occassionaly nice too, in case I end up travelling to some fucking podunk town and have to find my way to some god-awful factory in the middle of a 100 square kilometer industrial park.

Phone has a lot of issues though that piss me off constantly. I honestly can’t recommend any HTC phones, even though on paper their features look awesome. I’d stick to blackberry if you really need a business phone like this.

I dunno if you were just trying to push peoples’ buttons, but whenever I see someone with a cell I automatically label them a douche unless I know otherwise.

I use a cellphone instead of having a landline - a lot of people do that these days. It saves me money not having to pay for two phones, and I don’t have the hassle of coming home to find voice mail from creditors trying to see if I’m that person that owes them money; when I was in my old apartment, I paid for both, and seriously the only people who called my landline were my parents, telemarketers, and random creditors.

If I shared my household, I’d have a landline too.

Cell phone ownership is at about 70% in the USA. The 30% not included is basically people too old, people too young, and the homeless. And I guess a few statistical anomalies like you. Wow, that sounds like an awesome crowd you must hang out with. 70 year olds, babies, and bums. Fuck yeah, let the party begin. Do you still hang out in your house watching TV on your 13" 256-color TV watching VHS copies of MacGuyver and listening to cassette tapes of Journey? Must be awesome surfing the 'net on your 14.4 baud modem, dailing into the BBS to check on your buds.

Ninja Edit: Everyone who isn’t exactly like me is such a douche

What if that is what I do? Wouldn’t you feel like a jackass! >:(

Weren’t you the guy who advocated swords over guns? If that’s the case, then I think I have a new perspective on your situation.

I don’t have anything against cellphones in particular, only the poeple who use them. In particular, cellphones have some strange, drug-like effect on people. Much like guns, drugs and bubble-wrap, whenever someone gets their hands on one, they seem desperate to use them. All the fucking time.

That means I’m getting messages and calls for the most retarded shit imaginable. I got this damn thing because it was a necessity. I dislike talking on the phone in general, I’d much rather talk in person if possible, and when I get a call from someone less than one hundred meters away from me, I want to run, grab that person by the collar and ask them what the fuck is wrong with them.

And the manners, or lack thereof. Good fucking shit. Movie theaters, libraries, right in fucking front of me while we’re having a conversation, morons will answer ANYWHERE to ANYTHING.

Nah Zepp. Maybe one day a long time ago when I was brainwashed by anime and videogame culture into thinking anything Japanese and old must have some kind of secret magical powers, but guns are pretty sweet these days.

I did see an episode of Manswers where they fired a lead bullet at the blade of a katana and it got cleaved in half though. That made me chuckle.

SE said what I should’ve said. It’s not the phones themselves that bother me. I just don’t want to be THAT GUY.

I mean, the trick to that is not being that guy. Cell phones don’t make people douchebags. Douchebags make people douchebags.

There’s also the douchebag guy who always talks about how much better he is than the rest of the “sheeple” because they don’t use cellphones. Bonus points if they “ironically” go “baa!”

I used to ignore Facebook because I didn’t want to be that FB guy. We all know the type. Hell, I went through all of undergrad without joining it. It wasn’t until after I graduated that I realized “Hey, I’m leaving Athens soon and I will want to keep in touch with my friends. I may want to join Facebook.”

What I’m saying is, get a phone. It’s easy to control, and you can always not be that guy.

Originally Posted by Hades Shinigami
Nah Zepp. Maybe one day a long time ago when I was brainwashed by anime and videogame culture into thinking anything Japanese and old must have some kind of secret magical powers, but guns are pretty sweet these days.

Because fancy human-sized steak knives are far more powerful than a gun the size of a city. <.<

I’m not better than sheeple because I don’t have a cellphone. I’m better for other reasons.

Don’t tell me you’re actually seriously using that word. :frowning:

Look. You made me use a pathetic little emoticon. HOW DO YOU FEEL, NOW!? JESUS EAT YOUR MAGGOT-RIDDEN SOUL!

I only used it because you did first. I call them drones >_>