Celestial Weapons...FFX

How do you get the Celestial Weapons in Final Fantasy X? I’m already up to Yunalesca, and I still haven’t got them!!

You can’t really get them until after you beat her and you can do all the sidequests. Check the FFX Shrine in production at http://tartarus.rpgclassics.com/~ff10/ .

yeah, cause you have to turn the dirty mirror into the celestial mirror. Since you get the dirty mirror in the calmlands and need to go back to Makalania Woods (that right?) to activate it, which you can’t do until you have the airship. You’re almost there if you’re up to Yunalesca.

The man’s right you know… It’s all probably in the FF10 shrine anyway.

The shrine isn’t listed because it isn’t done yet, not sure why, since Xelo is a work a holic…

Stupid Yunalesca! STUPID, I SAY!! Sorry…she just won’t die! Just when I thought I beat her, she grew a THIRD form! Argh!! You gotta die sometime!! :hyperven:

Third form is the last one, just make sure not to un-zombie everyone. Otherwise it’s Mega-Death for you.

And don’t use any mega-potion when your Zombied. Like an idiot, I forgot I was Zombied and used a mega-potion when everyone was on really low health. I died and it was gameover for me. I beat her next try though.

Didn’t I you bitch?! countinues screaming at FFX disc p:unch::

I had a really hard time the first time I fought Yunalesca, but this time around it was very easy. For the first form I just used physical attacks, since her counterattacks didn’t do much harm to my party (all I got was Blind). I saved my character Overdrives for the second form, and once I got to the third form I finished with the Overdrives and started using the aeons.

I feel like I’m cheating when I use aeons sometimes, but then I figure that they really want to help me since they came along anyway, lol.

That explains it. With me, I only use Lulu, Yuna and Rikku. Sexist, I know, but they’re a good mix. I taught Rikku Thundaga and Firaga using the Black Magic Sphere, and made her use them. I also cast Reflect on all my characters for the first round. I just used Black Magic and physical attacks in the first round.

In the second round, I didn’t really need to worry about Zombie for Yuna and Rikku, because I had put Zombieproof on their shield-things, and sadly, I didn’t have enough room in any of my weapons for Lulu to learn Zombieproof, and I didn’t want to get rid of my current shield.

I only wish I knew about the stupid Zombie being a good defence against the stupid Mega Death…argh!!

Hastega is useful too… although, since you said you only use Lu, Yuna, and Rikku, you may not have it, since Tidus is the one that learns that spell.

…You’re NOT using Auron?! :eek:

No…I am not using Auron. And also, I cast Haste, and Yunalesca disabled it when she hit me with that punch-type physical attack.

You’re not exploiting the in battle party change system? All you have to do is bring in characters for one round and have them do one action and they get the full xp for the battle. Especially useful in boss battles. I always use the full group during boss battles. It spreads out the damage and provides opportunities to use all their abilities. It also saves level up time.

Yes…I do all that as well. She’s just difficult. If I train Yuna in the Zanarkand Dome until she learns Holy…heh…Yunalesca’s weakness is Holy…

Holy is a massively powerful spell. By the time I got to Sin, Yuna casting Holy did more damage than anything but Aeons, and more than some of them because she could break 9999 and I don’t have all the weapons charged. And with Holy for 1 mp, it’s just crazy.

Cast reflect on Yuna then cast holy on herself, it’s cool.

Okay…whatever you say. Um…say, do you know who’s in charge of the FF7, FF8, FF10 and Kingdom Hearts shrines? 'Cause just let them know that I have the names of all the musical pieces from each and some lyrics if they need it!

Go to the shrines and on the index page their names will be displayed, if I am not mistaken and you can email them there.

I still haven’t beaten Yunalesca…SCREW HER!!!

Yunalesca is not a big deal, it was easy for me… just have a zombie in the third form and you win, and also have all your summons overdrives ready at the final form, that way you can win her easily.