Catwoman: the movie

I have not yet seen the movie, only the “First Look” TV special. It looks interesting, I think it has a good plot. What do you people think about it?

I’ve read numerous reviews saying that it’s awful and the plot has nothing to do with the original Catwoman in question. In fact the only link apparently, is the name of the movie itself and Halle’s leather outfit.

Halle’s ugly =o

Wall F’s on drugs =o

Seriously, I can’t see what guys like about halle x.x;

I heard from a reveiw that it wasn’t that good…

It looks pretty crappy to me.

Looks terrible cause halle berry is playing herself, a slut.

one thing I don’t get is:
When a woman becomes famous, she immediately seems to have fucked every man she can… least that’s what everyone says.
Stop me if I’m wrong, but last I checked, most people don’t know about that kinda aspect of a celebrity’s personal life.

What most people know about celebrities they read in a paparazzi magazines, so thosse magazine shows them off rather slutty and it’s not always true.

I don’t like catwoman because she’s a catgirl. And catgirls stopped being funny when they got a superpopulation.

I want to see the movie. I like Halle and I’m sure she can pull it off, but the plot itself looks extremely bad.


Batman is already busy making his own movie!

But if batgirl were in this one, it would so kick ass.

Yeah, what makes Halle Berry a slut? I just watched that VH1 driven on her, and if any of that is accurate she is an actress that has really paved the way for a new kind of actor/actress.

For example, in the movie “Introducing Dorothy Dandridge” (which is a great movie, highly reccomended), there was a scene where Dorothy Dandridge arrived at the oscars as a nominee for the Best Actress award (or maybe it was Supporting Actress, I don’t remember). Anyway, her presence was huge in that time because of her skin color. The scene was originally going to be cut due to budget constraints and Halle Berry paid out of her own pocket for the scene to be included in the final cut of the film. And if memory serves correctly, she dedicated her Academy Award to the memory of Dorothy Dandridge.

She is a very talented and a very selfless actress. To say that she is a slut is slanderous.

But Catwoman looks to be a fun movie to watch, but not really a good movie by any standard.

I don’t get why she did this movie, she’s a talented actress now and has been in several quality movies (monsters ball, gothica, and to a lesser extend swordfish(i think thats the name)).

The reviews are very bad, they say this is a bottom of the garbage movie with a plot that makes little sence, and horrible character development.

Warner Brothers wants to exploit the Batman franchise as much as possible but without always having to use the main characters. I guess that makes sense from a movie-making point of view, although I have to agree that I don’t like the idea of a Catwoman who is not Selina Kyle. BTW, I read somewhere that the whole woman-resurrected-by-a-cat is inspired by egyptian mythology (the Egyptians had a Cat Goddess named Bast.) They may explain that in the movie.

I agree with Sorcerer that Berry isn’t a slut, I think she’s a beautiful and talented actress who has yet to really earn a bad reputation (in fact, her enemy in the movie, Sharon Stone, has more of a slutty reputation, thanks to her roles in movies like Basic Instinct (I think?) On the other hand, Halle may be going Diva on us, I read somewhere that she won’t do X-Men 3 unless she’s given a bigger role in the story. I hope that’s not true. So far the X movie ensemble has worked great, it would be sad to see it break due to movie star selfishness.

In any case, I don’t think I’ll go see the Catwoman movie at the teathers, I don’t see anything really special about it yet. (and I HATE that new costume.) I think I’ll wait for the dvd version.

Halle’s not a slut. She’s just very not the hottest girl in the world, in a severe way. A lot of people are tired of hearing her be called that, because as far as looks go, she really has less than nothing to offer.

As for her acting: It’s decent enough, but not stellar.

As for Catwoman: It looks <font size=“4”>really</font>, <font size=“5”>REALLY</font>, <font size=“6”>REALLY</font>, <font size=“7”>REALLY BAD.</font> >>;;;

…what’s so hot about halle? x.x;

Edit: I’m not asking you, hades, fucking self-centered cockbite =P

Bourne Supremacy is defenitely better and more worth seeing than… Catwoman >_<