Catwoman: the movie

She should probly just stick to playing one superhero at a time, and that one would be “Storm”

If you’re going to see Catwoman, don’t. Go and rent swordfish instead, 'cause there’s one part where Halle’s sunbathing topless in it.

Halle’s only a slut because a director just has to say “Hey, Halle, take your shirt off for this scene.” and she will :P. (It’s a joke, even though it’s not a funny one)… yeah and I don’t see whats so hot about her either.

From the previews of catwoman, shes all like meowrr, opps my bad, and im a bad girl crud. I don’t remember in batman returns that catwoman was so slutty acting, but then it’s been a while since I saw that movie. Also don’t remember cat woman being so whorish in batman cartoon of the 90’s. I agree with Wilfredo, the outfit sucks. i was off in calling her a slut.

How is that slutty though? As far as I remember, Catwoman was sleek and independent, and quite vivacious, as displayed by that line. In the old series she was always taunting Batman with similar actions.

Yeah, i agree, its just Catwoman’s character.

don’t see this movie children!! Save your money and rent Equilibrium or 300 other possible choices.


The hat/mask she wears, alone, is making me want to stab the costume designer in the fucking face. I dont like the whole outfit and if they are changing her story than I’ve just got no reason at all to see this, even if Halle Barry is attractive, this movie doesnt do her justice.

The only redeming thing I’ve seen so far was that she actually learned to use a bullwhip… Roar… ^_~

Anywho, my GF and I decided that neither of us are even remotely interested in going to see it. And the game sucks poo-butt.