Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Is it worth 10 bucks? Cuz I bought it, I wanna know if its worth the precious money I could be spending on condoms and liquor.



I’ve never played this, but I’ve heard people talk about it a lot. What’s so great about it?

You absolutely have no clue on how much awesomeness you’re missing out on, GG >_<

Charl : SOTN for 10$ is a steal ! Good Job !!

SoTN is one of the best PS1 games. The game is simply fun. Cool music, cool artistic style, exploring the castle is fun, kicking ass is fun, only the voice acting sucks. But it’s so sucky, that it’s funny, so that makes it good :slight_smile:

Where can you find it for 10 bucks?

They have it off and on at Blockbutters. Brand new, in the shrink wrap and everything. Only thing I dont like about it is that it says “greatest hits” on the bendy part. they had two of them last time. and then when I went back they had none. and they had one left this time. so I bought it. Try BlockBusters.

Wow. $10. I’d pay around $70 or more. I love it THAT much.

I payed 70 CDN. It was brand new, non-greatest hits. :slight_smile:

Well, I’ve only played Castlevania 64 (LOVED it) and Castlevania: LoI…which was okay I guess, never finished it.

Well, they have this game at Gamestop for 15 or 20 dollars, is it still worth it at that price?

Dude, it was worth the initial $40. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, alrighty then! I’m on it! I was just afraid that since I’ve never really played a 2D action/adventure game, or at least I haven’t in a good, long time, it might not be for me, but if I keep hearing so many good things I guess I’ll go ahead.

$10? And you’re thinking of NOT buying it? What the fuck is wrong with you?

SotN is by far the second most overrated game of the PS1 era. Personally I think it’s not even worth a third the praise it’s given.

I thought it was a very decent game. It’ll definitely keep you busy for a while trying to find yourself in half the fucking castle. It gets even better when the shit flips upside down (I think that’s what happens) and a feature where you can be one of those Belmont guys.

No, idjits, I already bought it. I was just trying to see how good it was. I knew it was really hyped, I was just making sure.

It’s like Metroid in a castle, except you get a halfvampire as a protagonist and swords instead of beams and missiles.

…just read SK’s review, it’s better than what I could say really.

I’ve played Castlevania 4 and COTM. They’re both very good.

SotN had a bloated price of $45-60 used for a while, even though it was a GH title, but then Blockbuster opened up all of their “Game Rush” stores, all of which typically had at least 2-3 new copies at a time, all at $14.99. EB and Gamestop took notice of the sudden influx of the game, and dropped their used price to $29 as people would buy it at $15 at Blockbuster, and trade in two or three copies at EB or Gamestop for $30. After the price drop, people would only get $11 in trade. Now both EB and Gamestop sell it used for about $15, and Blockbuster has dropped its new price to $10. All of this has happened since August of 2003. Amazing how quickly a price can drop.

Despite the sudden price drop, it’s still one of the better games on PS1. It may be hyped, but at least it’s deserving of its hype. It’s got great music, the graphics are incredibly clean for its time, and the map design and enemy design have yet to be equalled in the series (MAYBE Aria of Sorrow).