Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia.

Expletive-ing giant crab.

You need to do some MASSIVE DAMAGE on that giant enemy crab.

RIIIIIDGE RA- is hit with a discount brick

cough, cough Anyway. I’ve heard nothing but good things about this one. Though really, I should get around to playing the Soma games first.

It’s harder than Portrait of Ruin and the GBA ones. Haven’t played Dawn of Sorrow yet.

I second RPT. I seem to die a lot more often (currently at the crab, too). I like the option to use the classic NES music, it’s fun so far (that first stage above water where you’ll probably dive later on reminded me of Demon’s Crest too) and it lends itself to some earlier grinding.

edit: The succession of stages makes the game feel more old school, too. /edit

Do we consider the post-SOTN Castlevanias action rpgs? If yes, that’d make an easy wiki.

Yes, we do.

We should wiki it then.

Btw I think I can put my finger on why OoE is more difficult: the enemies are more aggressive and don’t wait for you to snipe them from afar.

It’s harder than PoR? Oh geez, I’m in for it when I pick this one up (as I inevitably will). I just wasn’t really good at some parts of that game. :\

I do want to mention that I did somehow manage a pincer attack on Gergoth in PoR… I don’t know how I did it, but all he did once he was sandwiched was turn back and forth without ever attacking. It’s one of the only nifty things I’ve been able to pull off in a CV game, so I just had to throw it in. :smiley:

So, is Order of Ecclesia more like the NES games and less Metroid-vania? Am I going to die if I accidentally fall through some stairs?

Ecclesia still follows the Metroid line. It’s not like it’s horrifyingly hard, but as Rigmarole said, the enemies are more aggressive and then there’s a particularly annoying crab.

I think I’m finding it harder because there was such a good selection of abilities in PoR and DoS and I feel like there’s a lot less in this since most of the runes I have are just weapons.

Ah, seems the crab just needed some patterning.

Vicki, OoE is firmly on the Metroidvania (what a word!) side. I am impressed though that a poisonous spider almost wiped me off.

Could be a while before I even make my way to this game…too much on my plate right now. Still got to finish Disgaea DS (almost done), Mother 3, Persona 2:IS/ES, and probably something else by the time I get around to it. Then I got school and work to worry about. Yep…could be a while.

At the endboss, can’t even tackle the two bonus dungeons get: I get totally asskicked by the Gauntlet styled dungeon (Pseudo-boss rush) and the Platform Training Hall is brutal. I got far, but one spot torched me in like 4 seconds when I missed my timed leap.

I ought to get a DS someday, I feel like I’m missing out on the actually good Castlevania games. I played Curse of Darkness a while back, and the last level almost killed me out of sheer boredom. It was the same room, and the same corridor, over and over and over and over and over AND OVER AGAIN. I commend thee, Lord Dracula, that was certainly a dastardly plan, to have those pesky adventurers believe they were hopelessly stuck in an endless cycle, which would drive most of them to kill themselves out of despair before they reached the end.

Other than that, there was however one moment in that game that made it allll worth it.

The Kissy of DEATH! Christ on a cracker, Trevor Belmont, Simon is rolling in his grave!

You know, for all the flak that Lament of Innocence and Curse of Darkness get for their terribly bland environments, they really do everything a 3D action game should do, to a very excellent level.

That cutscene was terrible though.

I ought to get a DS someday

You ought to, because the handheld* Castlevanias are good. Just think what that fanfiction probably looks like! I bet everyone uses whips. On second thought, it’s not to late to abandon that line of thought.

*Obviously, I don’t mean these two old game boy games that were basically jumps of death while a bat was coming to knock you off the stairs.

They were all horrible, the dialogue and voice acting was on par with SotN, except nobody started randomly quoting the Bible.

Although, I had spent the whole game thinking “Oh wow, Isaac is gay beyond gay, in the bad way”. Once I saw that scene, and had found my chin which rolled in under the sofa after dropping, I laughed my ass off.

“I could kill you right now, but that wouldn’t be very… odd pause SATISFYING… now would it?”

Isaac is the impaling dude?

Yeup. Isaac, Devil Forgemaster and EEEVIL DRAMA QUEEN. Plot convenience dialogue ahoy! Sooo you killed the hero’s girlfriend and urges him to chase after you? No morbid homosexual undertones there, oh no… not in your talking and motioning either. :ulty:

Looking at Hero Hector though, I’m imagining Dracula going “ALUCARD! We’re going to sit down and talk about you and your socializing with the ladies, RIGHT NOW.”

I changed my mind. These videos are now officially filed under hilarious and if they were a movie I’d be watching it now.

I’ll have my vengeance aaargh!