Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia.

I love how Trevor Belmont sacrifices blood by grabbing a knife and sloooowly dragging it over his fingers and palm… without taking off his freakin’ leather glove, first. “I AM BADASS DAMMIT!”

You misunderstood that part. He needs to sacrifice both blood and his trusty glove. Otherwise he’d remain a weakling.

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[i]I changed my mind. These videos are now officially filed under hilarious and if they were a movie I’d be watching it now.

I’ll have my vengeance aaargh! [/i]

Be careful with what you wish for. Especially with a supposed live action movie still underway. And god help us if that’s the ONLY thing it does right by.

Ah, that thing where Belmont uses swords? I had stricken it from memory.

There’s official art of Simon wielding swords, actually.

Anyways, I just got this game and started today. I’m at uhh…I just finished Oblivion Ridge.

In some ways, I find this game just as difficult/easier than AoS/DoS/PoR, because my play style usually revolved around spamming physical attacks effectively and jumping, backdashing, and sliding like a mofo. This game encourages you to do all that stuff really heavily, so it’s right up my alley.

The only things I don’t like so far are

  1. Weapons take MP…basically, if you get cursed, you can’t attack, except for the hoppy kick? WTF

  2. Purely gimmicky bosses, AKA the crab. Seriously. And,

  3. Feels kind of like a step backwards from the last two games. I even kind of felt like Portrait of Ruin went backwards in some ways, but this is kind of crazy; It’s basically Aria/Dawn of Sorrow, only instead of Souls that cast magic spells, the ‘Souls’ (glyphs) are your attacks. The big innovation of this game - the ‘combo’ system - doesn’t really make up for this.

Overall, it looks like it won’t dethrone Dawn of Sorrow as my favorite Castlevania, though. I stand ready to be proven wrong. It’s hard to find a 2D Castlevania game to be bad, but I feel like they really hit their peak a while back.

EDIT: Lmao! I have the most hysterical information (that you guys probably already know): The Dominus Glyphs can actually KILL you - yes, they do damage to you, and they will STILL do damage to you, even when you don’t have enough HP to survive.

Here’s a funny story: I was about to get the bad ending - you have to use the dominus glyphs to do so, but for some reason I didn’t try using the Glyph Union - I tried out the new Dominus glyph you get for beating Albus. Well, I only had about 20 HP left, and so I used it and died during the bad ending. lmfao.

By the way, here’s a strategy for beating Albus for those who, like me, are too lazy to be bothered with anything but weapon attacks. I would add it to the wiki, but my log in is messing up right now; besides, all of you working on it are doing a great job, I figured I’d leave it up to you guys.

Anyways, without further ado:

Make one glyph setup double swords. Then, just run up and start attacking him. All you have to do is keep chasing him; when he stops to shoot at you - no matter what shot attack he does - just slide kick, and then finish walking behind him. You have to make sure to be completely behind him, cos if you’re on top of him, he’ll do flame kick/volcanic viper (guilty gear joke). You will be close enough that the slide will go through any attack, as long as you’re not lagging behind. If you are, the only attack you’ll need to actually jump over is Vertical Shot. If you’re close enough, he should go for a Flame Kick in retaliation to your jump - which will totally miss. His only other attack - the stupid orange crystal thingies - are incredibly easy to react to. How’s that for a braindead strategy?

I also just started playing it (between bouts of Star Ocean) and I’m liking it so far. It’s funny that I discovered EXACTLY the same thing you did, SG. I was going for whatever that first lightning attack is (where you have to brave the double electrical wires). I had 10 HP left when I got it. However, when I was about to equip it I saw the first Dominus glyph I got in the previous level and thought I’d see what it looked like… BAM, Game Over. XD

I actually almost beat the crab boss all by myself on the fourth or fifth try using just the lightning attack. He killed me right at the very top. 8-( Apparently the axe is better but I haven’t got it yet. I’ll try for it tonight.

By the way, I have almost finished the walkthrough and Boss sections in the wiki (as soon as I type the rest of my notes from the A4 pieces of paper I keep by me while playing).

My Albus strategy was more or less jump over him and hit him while he’s shooting where I was a moment ago. Dodge his Topor jump and repeat.

edit: Cid, weakness:Hammer (Macir) and Lightning. The axe is neutral. very top: go to the elevator and use it

Heh, I did the same thing Cid. After getting the Lightning Glyph, I thought I’d try out Dominus (with very little HP), and inadvertently killed myself. Wasn’t too thrilled about that, but didn’t set me back much. Haven’t got to the crab boss yet, but I just started playing it last night.

For the Albus

Equip the dark magic glyph you find down the hall opposite Albus’ direction. Equip two onyx rings. Each time one of the dark orbs fired by the glyph touches him, it will do over 100 damage. And you can shoot two at once.

The light+dark glyph union is hilariously overpowered. Combine it with two death rings and/or the Dominus Agony glyph if you really want to do some MASSIVE DAMAGE.

Steal his glyph, do 200+ per shot, the end.

Fuck yeah beat Hard Mode with the level 1 cap and got all the boss medals in the process.

Good job. I wonder why would anyone grind to lv 255 after that just because.

I’ve never managed to get even one medal on Normal. 8-( I feel inadequate now. I will console myself by looking at my spam mailbox and thus knowing that there are many others more pathetic than me.

I only got a couple, myself. One from the guy you get Paries from, just because he managed to leave a gap the first time, and the other from Dracula because he’s a total pussy with the nitesco+weapon glyph union.

Well I was intentionally going for the medals, so I always had on two Death Rings during boss fights which certainly didn’t hurt my damage output. Also you can cheese all but 3 bosses by using the Light+Dark union.

The worse thing about Lv 1 Hard Mode are the small flying enemies like Medusa Heads, there’s like 3 times as many of them and they always hit you into spikes.

Do the medals actually do anything besides bragging rights?

Nope, just item completion percentage.

Ugh, I only got a few medals on my 1st playthrough. Should’ve had most of the first couple of bosses since their patterns are easy to predict. Killing Wallman on his 1st round was funny as hell though. Played through some of Albus mode. I owned the first few bosses easily. Haven’t touched Hard Mode, and don’t intend to. Too busy playing Chrono Trigger and my new Wii.