Car racing

Is it just me, or is this the stupidest “sport” in the world? Seriously, people sit for 2 hours watching cars in a line driving fast and taking left turns. Then if the weather gets bad they call the stupid race. At least in golf you have to walk all 18 holes and keep playing if it’s raining, hell I’ve seen golfers play in hail.

People just want to see accidents and limbs flying.

Car racing is only fun if you get weapons mounted on your vehicle and shit. Like Mario Kart.

Every sport sucks if you can find boring things in them. I mean, take parachuting for example. You just jump from a very high place and open the thing. And football. It sucks, you spend a lot of time watching a lot of hunks running after the one who’s got the ball. And then there are all kinds of martial arts…

Stock car racing is retarded. However you don’t go to there to see people do left turns. You go there to see someone get seriously fucked up. Driving 80 on the 5 is a lot more entertaining.

That’s why I prefer F1/Touring Car/Rallies- no offense, but American oval tracks are just boring. :frowning: in Rallies, for example, there are cars flying here, there and everywhere- and the tracks are so twisty and turny they rarely top 110 mph. That may sound dull to you, but what would you rather watch- 22 cars hurtling at 110mph round a rally course or 2 drag racers doing 300 mph? I know which one I prefer. :-p

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God, I hate the formula 1 stuff. My Dad lies on the couch watching it all day when it’s on, and the TV is really loud, so you can hear that irritating brumming noise all day!!!

But y’know what’s worse to watch (not play), snooker. WHY?

Isn’t anyone gonna mention curling? Hm another name for car racing at least america’s verison or nascar is redneck roundy go round. Nascar loves to make my sundays more boring then they all ready are. Yeah americas football has tight ends… i mean really.

What’s curling?

I love car racing. Curling sucks, but the most boring thing I ever saw grace a sports channel was poker. I mean, come one people, poker a sport? Right, and I am a fantasy princess from another dimension.

Stock car racing is ridiculous, but rallies are where its at. I like those.

Kairi: Try :stuck_out_tongue:

Curling isn’t fun to watch on TV, but it’s surprisingly more interesting to play than it looks…

I only like car racing for the cars and engines. :stuck_out_tongue: Other than that, it’s a pretty pointless thing.

Thanks. ^^
I remember watching that. It was fun to watch during the olympics.

That’s nothing. Sometimes, when he’s bored, my dad watches poker tournaments on ESPN. POKER!

Why has nobody mentioned wrestling yet? I mean seriously, I know it can’t actually be considered a sport, but I can’t stand it. Watching cars drive around an oval 40 times is much better than watching two guys in tights fall down repeatedly in a ring.

Yeah espn also shows bowling and pool, what else do they show?

Do you know how many guys would want you if you told them that?

All sports are boring to watch.
Which is why you participate instead.