Car racing

Street racing is pretty fun, although pretty illegal. A friend of mine was pretty deep into the street racing scene and he carted me along to a few races. Not quite the crowds that Fast and the Furious would have you believe, but the women were just as beautiful. The races were also pretty exciting, although if you stayed back at the start/finish line somewhat boring, because the cars only come by every so often. Looking at the cars that weren’t racing though was pretty fun.

But Nascar sucks.

Nascar really sucks. F1 is slightly better, but I still make fun of all the people in my family who watch that.

And curling is the greatest sport ever. I’m sorry, I found the Brier and even the Scott Tournament of Hearts entertaining. Even though Ferbey sucks.

I’m sorry, but watching the World Series of Poker on TV is fun, or at least it is if you play even some Texas Hold’em. I mean, it’s just so much fun watching Chris Moneymaker put all his chips on the line trying to bluff Sammy Farha even though Farha has him beat completely. It’s not a sport, no, but it’s still fun to watch.

Yeah I agree. I’d rather be playing the sports then sitting through watching the stuff.

Oh theres about curling or centering about the sport of it, called Men with Brooms. Whether it’s good or not, I wouldn’t know and I’m not about to watch and find out.

If you want good racing, don’t watch the F-1, although BAR managed to actually build a car that lasts which means there are now 4 teams that can compete for the constructors title (BAR, Ferrari, McLaren, Williams-BMW in alphabetical order), there’s practically as much excitement as a NASCAR event, as the positions nearly stay the same.

Want some good racing? Street-Urban racing (400 meters sucks, quite frankly), Rally, or AMA Superbike. Motorcycles = cool.

984 : I guess you feel the same way about it as watching a VF4:Evo match on the game DVD, or if I can get some BunbunMaru vids online.

'part from that, wrestling shouldn’t be considered a sport, however, you need to be rather athletic to actually get in there and last a 30-60 minute match.

If you want an entertaining-boring sport competition to watch on TV, watch the World Trick Shots Championships for pool. That’s fun, on an otherwise boring sport to watch on TV.

Did anyone play that one racing game for the N64? I think it was a NASCAR game, anyway, the one level on it was 600 laps around the oval.

Now, that’s 600 laps. In a circle. In a VIDEO GAME. Not that I haven’t spent that long playing a video game all at once before, but I can’t think of anything more pointless than doing a 600 lap video game race track.

As a side note, the computer’s driving in the game is practically perfect, they almost never make a mistake. Which means that during any of the 600 laps if you make a single mistake that results in an extra pit stop, you’re finished.

I admit it. I watch F1 every sunday. BUT IT’S NOT MY FAULT <.<
My parents have been watching it since I was like, 4 years old or something, and every sunday (well, every second one anyway, since it’s not every week) was F1 sunday and we had guests and food and everything and everyone was watching the race and making bets and stuff. So yeah, for 11 years now, I’m watching it. You get used to it, really. But I admit, it’s horribly boring. :stuck_out_tongue: