Captain America is Dead

Shot by a sniper on his way to trial after being arrested for opposing the Superhero Registration Act. (Captain America #25, on sale this Wednesday)

Normally I wouldn’t post about this here, but since it’s been all over the News…

(And why is that? Don’t people remember all the fuss over DC Comics killing off Superman, only to revive him less than a year later? Us comics fans weren’t fooled, but apparently the rest of America is more gullible.)

Maybe they see it as a political analogy? You know, how America has abandoned its ideals, especially in these Iraq War days?

Even The Colberg Report had a segment on it!

(For those of you who don’t know, Colbert is a parody of Right Wing Extremist Talk Shows, not a real news show. Still, it’s funny, and if you keep in mind the fact that he’s supposed to be wrong, you get a very Pro-America message from him.) :stuck_out_tongue:

As for Cap? He’ll be back in a year, tops. Heck, he’ll probably be around in disguise until then. More important is the question, “But will he regain his beliefs, or become another of the “It is OK for the Heroes to work for the Government” characters that Marvel is touting these days?” We’ll see…

…Whoa. I never thought Marvel would sink so low as to rip off the event that signified the downfall of the entire comic book industry. Bravo, Marvel, for showing us that even you can bastardize and ruin the beloved icons of our childhood.

And now the next seven Punisher War Journal issues are going to be devoted to nothing but how much Punisher loves Captain Ameirca. (Hell, they spent three issues on that already.) And then they’ll finally explain what the bug was up with the ending to Civil War.

Betting pool time! :smiley:

I put five Mario coins on six months before he’s back.

Rather obvious allegory, but then again some people need to be hit over the head with one before they recognize it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I bet five Mario coins and ten Sonic rings on six months before he’s back.

Long live Captain America.

I fucking hate Civil War.

Bah, Captain America was so generic anyway. I only liked him because of the grandpa role he had when Spider-Man joined the Avengers (Before Civil War).

Civil War: The characters we do not literally kill will be totally changed from their recognizable selves (see: “You are only here as a foil to Cable, fuck your previously established personality,”–Fabian Nicieza to Deadpool), and as a result, we’ll have to bring back heroes nobody cares about to use as stock casualties for in-between the big deaths to give the series a false sense of importance.


America loses.

In the Civil War, everyone loses.

You talkin’ to me, Charle? 'Cause I only mentioned this because MAJOR media outlets like CNN and American newspapers had spilled the beans, otherwise I wouldn’t even have posted it here. Oh, and the comic is already out. And Civil War is far from over, we’re going to live with it until Marvel gets tired of the whole Superhero Registration Act thing- hopefully, in a story that will restore Cap to his former greatness.

In Soviet Russia, you don’t fight a war, war fights YOU.


The fact that Cable could fix the entire Civil War right now, what this his techno-telepathy shit and all, makes the whole thing kind of lame. If Cable weren’t being written as such a dumbass right now, the whole thing would be over.
I really, really, cannot stand Nicieza’s writing. At all. The more I think about it, the more I begin to hate him.

In all honestly, they should have moved up World War Hulk and made that the ending of Civil War.

Just Hulk coming back in and kicking EVERYONE’S ass.

I thought they shit hulk off into space and he ended up on some bug planet somewhere

They did. He’s coming back and he’s mildly annoyed.

That means everyone has already heard it. And so what if it comic is already out? I havent gotten it yet!

I like how all the artists and people at marvel are playing dumb about the reason he’s dying. They’ve said its due to lack of popularity of the Cap, but its obviously a political statement : |

Originally Posted by Trillian
I bet five Mario coins and ten Sonic rings on six months before he’s back.

I’ll see your bet and raise you 50 Rupees that not only will he be back in six months, but they’ll reveal that what was really killed was only a clone.