Capcom screwed us over once again.

I’m probably late and I guess those interested must have already seen this, but the general storyline of Megaman ZX has been revealed.

Among the things I gather from this is the now much more likely connection with Legends (The pseudo-humans wearing special armors are more or less the same as Trigger) and that Girouette will probably have a secret identity which will be fairly obvious but never officially proven.

But the important part is that the Elf Wars are going straight to the “hahaha we’re not telling you” drawer along with the Cataclysm. I’m seriously pissed off about that, the few flashback screenshots they gave us looked badass and I really liked the Zero crew. Harpuia was looking up to be a major character and Ciel is probably the first navigator-person in the series that didn’t annoy the heck out of me.

Anyhow, shitty quality trailer.

First of all, you don’t know that for sure. There will probably be at least four games. This is a direct continuation of a game series by the same producer (unlike Megaman X), so it’s likely we’ll see some sort of continuity.

Second of all, even if it doesn’t, it seems more like the MMZero series were more focused on delivering small themes (such as MMZ3’s ‘it’s the heart that matters’ and ‘no matter how much you change, you’ll always be yourself’ types of themes) and focusing much more specifically on Zero than whatever else was going on. If you think about it, MMZero doesn’t have a lot of continuity either.

Of course, the truth there is, that really doesn’t matter to me at all. I play Megaman games for their gameplay anyways, so if the story is interesting like it was in the Zero games, well that’s really cool…but MMX8 was my favorite Megaman game in recent years, and the story wasn’t really all that amazing.

Fans have been asking about the MM8-X1 period for years and there has been no response. The transition period between X6 and Zero1 is basically the same with some roles switched. Capcom has a long story of leaving stuff without answers.

So yes, we might get answers. I’m not getting my hopes up though.

Perhaps, but I’m still pissed about the Zero crew wipe. I really liked them. Then again, perhaps they’ll pull an X7 with that saga and make more games.

I’m very interested in how they’re going to use the characters though. It seems you choose to play with Van or Aile at the beginning, but everything points towards both being able to use the X and Z models. I’m thinking about instant changes between the two armors, that’d make for some really awesome combos.

I believe the correct term would be to pull an X5 or X6: Inafune definitely left theseries after X4, but I believe they used his story ideas for X5. In any case, if you want to even TRY to find any sort of continuity, I suggest not even regarding the stories of X6-X8.

But, I really don’t think they’ll make another Zero game. I’m pretty sure they announced that it was done.

I was talking about how the series seemingly ended with X6 (Zero going into deep slumber) and then making X7, CM and X8. The only possible explanation is that the last scene in X6 did not actually happen in X6 but much latter. Either way, Capcom sucks at consistency :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not expecting another Zero game, but I though they hadn’t said anything at all about them. Were did you hear this?

I guess you could take it that way…I remember hearing that Zero’s ending in X6 was retroactively changed to be ‘at the end of the X series’, and that’s supposed to be, of course, around when the Zero timeline picks up. But, that doesn’t make any sense because X did a lot of fighting between the time when Zero went into sleep, and the beginning of MMZero. In any case, this is exactly why I don’t even pay attention to any X storyline past X5.

I don’t remember where I heard that Zero 4 marked th end of the series, but I’m pretty sure I saw it from two different sources.

To be honest, I kind of stopped caring when they cancelled the original series. I’ll play the offshoots (X, Zero, whatever) now and then, but I still miss the classic series.

I’ve sort of stopped caring that much about MegaMan in general, I guess.

The Megaman games’ story has been full of holes and inconsistencies as early as the first Megaman game, and that has never changed. Why would anything change now?

Because the Zero games were yet devoid of those problems. It actually looked like they were going somewhere with all that.

Megaman Zero wasn’t completely devoid of plotholes and completely unexplained things, for example

They stated in the beginning of the series that X had dissapeared in action; that’s why Copy X was made, right? Then, what the hell is he doing sleeping in Neo Arcadia?

Harpuia, Fefnir, and Leviatan are completely absent from the fourth game, with absolutely no explanation. Nice.

Alright! The Dark Elf isn’t cursed anymore. But who was she, and why does it even matter? Why wouldn’t she have been captured in the fourth game? They just took that whole idea and threw it down the drain.

There’s other ones, but these are the ones I’m 100% sure have absolutely no good answer. MMZero was much, much more solid than any of the previous MM series; I’d even go as far as to say it was INTERESTING, but it had some pretty clear flaws.

He did disappear in action: He used his own body to seal the Dark Elf, but that wasn’t made public. Plus, X had no intention of coming back to life, it’d be better if nobody knew he still existed.

These two, especially the second, are among the things I was hoping to get answered. The Dark Elf and the Elf Wars were both built up nicely for what could be seen in a fifth game and they just left us hanging in there. At least I know that they didn’t completely forget the Guardians’ existence, as they appear in some artwork looking up at the falling Ragnarok.

You know, I wouldn’t really mind it much if Zero pulled a Kenny again if it only meant a conclusion to all that.

Dude, look at the thread title. It says Capcom.

Are these games even about Megaman anymore?
No? See the problem?

That’s bull. Neo Arcadia wasn’t even made when he dissapeared, so why would he/how could he have sealed himself up there? Besides, when they MADE Neo Arcadia, don’t you think they’d notice he was right in the center of the foundation? :stuck_out_tongue: It’s an OUTRAGEOUS plothole.

[SPOILER]In the game we’re told that X created Neo Arcadia, but since it was built after the Elf War, we can conclude that the founder was Copy X. The thing is, Ciel was pretty much the only one who knew Copy X was a fake at the beginning. Not even the people in the base seem to know before she admits it. As far as anyone knew, X built the city and has been on it ever since.

If I were a psycho with identity denial problems, namely if I were Copy X, I would do everything I can to stop people from figuring out I’m not the real thing. It’s perfectly reasonable to think he built the fortress in the same location the Elf was sealed and kept that little fact to himself. Or maybe the sealing device could be moved, I don’t know. They built something like Ragnarok, I think they can transport a room without disassembling it.

So then there’s the question: if Copy X knew where the Cyber-Elf was, why didn’t he use it’s power or why didn’t he destroy X to ensure his own place? Because Copy X isn’t an evil power-hungry megalomaniac like Weil or Sigma, he’s just malfunctioning. He gets more and more insane as the game progresses but before Weil appeared he still had a small amount of rationality in him, at least enough to decide that unleashing an unknown form of energy seemingly related to the Maverick Virus wouldn’t be the best thing to maintain order.[/SPOILER]

Megaman let me down along time ago, so i gave up on him, and now i am kinda glad that i did.

[SPOILER]Right, that’s exactly what I’m saying though:

Neo Arcadia was founded/created/what have you by COPY X, not REAL X, who is at the time of its construction, MIA. So what the FUCK is he doing there? It’s not a matter of ‘who knew’, they make it obvious by the end of the first game that X has been MIA for a long time, and that Copy X was the one who finished up the Maverick Wars (which somehow predated the Omega Wars? Where Zero wasn’t around to see the end of the Maverick Wars but was somehow around during the Omega Wars? If I’ve got that right, I just found another plothole :P) and built Neo Arcadia.

Sure, it makes sense what you say about Copy X wanting to build some Neo Arcadia somewhere where he could hide any evidence disproving him as the real X…but X has been MIA for YEARS and years. How the hell would Copy X know?

For that matter, it really never does mention that that’s what X went to go do…he just left the front due to extreme desensitization, not cos ‘oh I have to seal the ELFFFF’ no, that wasn’t the reason. I still see a huge plot inconsistency here.[/SPOILER]

Yeah. I’ve decided that “Capcom” and “continuity” don’t belong in a positive sentence together with a straight face.

I’m surprised that it even bothers you guys that much…Like seriously. When was the Megaman storyline EVER, ANY good? I just don’t see how it ruins someone’s enjoyment of the game. The game is still just fine. Despite what I’ve mentioned, MMZero’s story is still good in its own right, because the content of the story takes a backseat to the actual themes presented in each game.

I suppose in a way, it’s frustrating…But I’m just surprised that it bothers anyone SO much.