Canada wins

And I live there. That means I’m better than you.

if you’re so much better, how come my one dollar is work like 2 and a half of yours?

Because we have so many, you poor, poor country.

I remember an advertisement in a bus in Toronto: “Use Visa, and you can actually afford things across the border.”

I wish I liived in Canada.

I wish I lived in Scotland.

I wish you were dead in Scotland. :stuck_out_tongue:

FUCK CANADA! Ya’ll can take your free health care, low crime rates, excellent welfare and shove it!

Oh well…at least Finland got that far :\

So say goodnight to the <strike>badguy!</strike> hockey playing guys. Because this the last time you gonna see a <strike>badguy like this!</strike> professional quality hockey game for a while. Thanks to the impending NHL lockout.

Way to go, guys.

Congrats the canadian players for being able to go out on top.

And congrats to everyone else who played well and were credits to their game and their country.

Really? I hadn’t heard of this (of course I don’t follow hockey too closely). What’s the lockout about? Care to share any details (I’m just interested)?




I liked my visit to Canadia. In fact I want to go back and visit. Hell, I’d abandon this sinking ship called the US and go Can-(Eh?)-dian right now if it weren’t for my damn morality on solidarity and not leaving others behind to suffer alone in Gehenna. Damn morality.

Canadia ROCKS!

And furthermore, the United states is the worst country in North America.

If canada is so great, how come you don’t have minature american flags?

And followed closely in second by chile.


(tries to draw kor from the shadows).

Isn’t Chile in south america?

Shh!!! Dev’s on a roll, don’t ruin it now.