Cali Peeps Party: Summer Remix

Well, I talked it over with my parents and all we really need is a date for it, I managed to secure my place wich is like a lot bigger than Keros. Any way, I’m thinking last week of June or July depending on peoples schedules. Anyone that can make it is invited, and the bigger the crowd the better. Any way, discuss it all here and stuff so we can set the plan in motion. And would a mod/admin be so kind as to sticky this please?

I’m up for it. Just tell me when and where.

I’m almost tempted to go to see more drunk Info… but I will pass… forever.

Don’t worry, that was too much for me. Yeah, reading the forum afterward is fun, but the experience, the night , and the morning after aren’t much fun. The strongest thign I plan on having next trip is Pepsi.

So long as it’s after June (cuz of the Germany trip the last two weeks of June) , I’ll have a chance to go.

Charle: I’d rather like to meet you. Really. ^^

Fuck you, you’re getting drunk.

Fuck you, you’re getting drunk.

guh? why? nobody cares about charle.

Awesome, lets get to work :yipee:

You’re not wastin’ NO time are you Frame? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I’m down for that if I can.

And don’t skip out Charlemagne, you know this L.A trip kicked ass, how could you pass it up man? :stuck_out_tongue:

Rockin’, Frame.

See Y’all in three months or so.

Talk to ya tomorrow. (or right now as the case may be).

You know I’m down.

I’m probably up for it as well.

Yeah, well I decided to get the word out fast so that more people could prepare the funds and time to maybe get here from places further away, a big party would really rock.

(Well… hopefully) I could join up… provided that I make enough cash on my summerjob until that… and get some time off to do the actual trip…

Of course, we should really check up on any possible “RPGC European Tour”-meetings…

Guh, you guys suck so much D:

Psh… all you Easties live so damn close together. Even if you live in different states, you’re still like a day’s walk from each other. Get your own party together, why dontcha? :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, when the “Easties” are divided between the South (a couple in Florida, four in Georgia (5 if you count Varan not shipped overseas), the rest spread across the best damn group of states ever), the Great Lakes Region (like Ohio or Illinois), and the North East (Mass, NY), it’s not that easy to walk to one central place. Besides, we East Coast people are more concerned with the real world than we are with those West Coast ideas of partying and fun and surfing and Arnold as governor. We’ll stick to our jobs and work and Wall Street and really small states like Rhode Island, thank you very much.

I love you 984, I really do.

Oh, CH, don’t leave out the part about Rhode Island in your sig… it’s left out enough already, lol.

L 1 Apple 984!!!

Yeah, I’m totally up for that… if I can get some damn money… x.x;;

Steve, you pay for my gas and food, I’ll drive you where ever the hell you want to go in the summer.