cait's sprite problem

ok as most of you know i have been trying to get a cait sith sprite ever since i came to rpgc.

about a week ago some kid at school said that i could simply make one on paint.

so i believed him and slaved for hours on the computer trying to make the perfect cait sprite.

finaly i have finished it.

but i forgot to ask the kid how to use the sprite once im done making it.

can someone help me?? :moogle:

You’re kidding right? PLEASE tell me you’re kidding. It’s a sprite, you use it how you would use any other image. Engage brain before attempting to sprite.

how do i use ordinary images?

i am new to all this stuff.

except for typing but that dosent count.

please help. :moogle:

Make sure your picture is small enough to be an avatar. Go to the top of messageboard main page, blue bar, click on user cp, see left panel click on edit avatar, bottom of that page click on use custom avatar, see the upload an avatar from your computer, click browse, find where you picture is, select, and click save changes. Avatar sizing info is right there on the edit avatar page.

thats how i make a sprite? :moogle:

You have a sprite you made all ready I thought? A sprite can be used like any other image. I gave you help on how to get your sprite picture as an avatar.

Use the insert image button on ‘new post’ it’s one of those buttons. And I told you to make sprites on MS Paint ages ago.

it say its not a valid jpg file.

what does that mean? :moogle:

Meaning you cant use it. What format did you save your sprite in.

do you mean where i saved it?

if you do then i saved it in my picture folder.

im going to try what gilgimish said now. tell me if it worked. :moogle:

:thud: A bmp is not a jpeg or jpg, the board doesn’t take bmp avatars and it used to be said somewhere. Open the picture in paint, Save As and while there change the file type to jpeg.

none of the file types say jpeg.

they all say bmp. and somthing obut colors. :moogle:

Uh no, when you save the file you have a choice of what format to save it in. It obviously all isn’t “bmp” because you have CHOICES in Paint. You can save images as Gif, Jpeg, Bmp, whatever. CHOOSE JPeg. Save as–>scroll down to Jpeg.


Depends on your OS.


whats that?

hey wait sohee wernt you tossed into a portal yesterday by my sister? :moogle:

Okay cait, we are trying to help you, so maybe you shouldn’t be trying to make jokes in this thread.

OS means Operating System. For example, my computer runs on the operating system Windows XP.

As for your picture, the file type it is saved as, .bmp (bitmap), is not valid as a usable image, so you need to open the file and then save it as a .jpg or .jpeg or similar file.

i know you are trying to help me and i thank you.

anyway there is no jpeg option ill show you the options i do have though.

24-bit bitmap(.bmp;.dib)
256 color bitmap(.bmp;.dib)
16 color bitmap(.bmp;.dib)
monochrome bitmap(.bmp;.dib)

those are the only choices shown.

oh and the computer i use is window me


whoa whoa whoa cait buddy, that signature needs to get shortened A LOT

nevermind, I did it for you :stuck_out_tongue: