Bush in 2005?

Do you want to see Bush still running our country in 2005?

If not, tell who you want to win, if you have an opinion.

I sure as hell don’t want Bush leading us anymore, and I don’t care which Demo makes it farthest, I’m voting for them!

I voted no since I sure wouldn’t like to see him running this country either. >_>

But also since I’d rather see someone else as president of our buddies to the south. (I do not know who the candidates are)

Mr. Waving Smilie for Presidency!
Only him and his cloning capabilities can protect you from the hordes of stupid people! Besides, he looks cute.


Well this poll seems to suggest he is not wanted.

I vote no. But I aint American.

There are a lot of people in this country who still respect and support him. I’m one of them. Unless they can get a candidate who gains my respect more and who I agree with their stances on various things, I voted yes.

It’s nice being different.

Nope. Go staunch Massachusetts Democratism!

I should like to see President Ralph Nader, even though he has no hope of victory. I am not an American, though.


Bush is going to win the election…

To be honest I’d rather see a dumbass who sticks to what he says (Bush) in the White House than a dumbass who does’nt even know what he believes and changes his mind every 5 minutes (Kerry)…

Just my humble opinion and lots of other people’s as well :thud:

Kevin :cool:

Well you wouldn’t want any politician, then. Bush certainly does not stick with what he says. In fact, he’s changed his mind about why we were invading Iraq… oh… fifty million times. First they had nukes, then they had chemical weapons, then it’s because Saddam is evil and must be stopped (while we supply monetary and military aid to people that are much worse than Saddam Huissein), then it’s because Saddam had PROVEN LINKS TO AL-QAIDA (which were disproven in mere weeks time). I don’t want a liar and a murderer of innocents running my country.

I’ll also note that you predicting Bush will win in 2005 is laughable, not because he will or won’t, but because it’s too early to determine. By September it should be pretty easy to determine, but to be honest nobody will know until November.

President Bush believes strongly that the world will end in our time. He and all his other neoconservative cronies believe either that very soon, Jesus will descend from heaven and create the kingdom of Heaven on earth for Christians, or else they are working towards a world under complete American sovereignty in as short a time as possible. The shortest way to conquer is militarily, and direct military conquest frankly is an infeasible way of attaining long-term peace. Unfortunately, the Bush administration doesn’t really see that, and thinks that peace can be attained through an American empire. Not only does the notion of an American empire go utterly against all American ideals of democracy and the right to form one’s own government without outside pressure, which SK can tell you loads more about, but it also goes utterly against creating stable peace in the country of the military conquest.

People bring about what they believe in, and Bush’s cronies believe that the world will end soon; they think that this is it, we’re almost done, and that’s how they can, while proclaiming themselves moral Christians, allow the destruction of the earth’s precious places, the pollution of Earth’s atmosphere, global warming, all of those really important environmental concerns, not to mention the deaths of countless innocents. Bush will let the world go to rot, and fuck it up even more, because he thinks there will soon be a cataclysm, and he’ll be at the forefront, leading an army of “good guys” into the Kingdom of Heaven, which somehow is separate from the ecosystem of the world, so pollution doesn’t matter.

Not to mention, on a less esoteric level, there is a LIMITED supply of oil in this world! We’re reaching peak oil production soon - after 2010, or so, the availability of oil will take a sharp drop, and you can expect your heating bills to increase astronomically, and let’s not forget gas prices. Bush wants to conquer the middle east and use all that oil, and then, guess what! Oil prices are going to skyrocket. You think what happened after 9/11 was bad, but that was a drop in the bucket. But does Bush care? No way, the son of an oil baron, all his friends and campaign donors are in the oil business, he’ll suck the world dry of oil, and then won’t we be sorry we didn’t focus on alternative energy sources.

The sad thing is, Bush is probably going to win, because nobody in this fucking country has a BRAIN, god, study peak oil production, study the history of American imperialism, study fucking global WARMING for chrissake cause if you believe that president Bush will do anything but screw up our world, then you are being lied to. You have to understand. Media corporations are all part of huge conglomerate corporations, so huge that there are only a relatively small amount of them in America - that way, the US government can go after the few hugeass corporations and in exchange for tax breaks and other federal benefits, the conglomerate corporations get the media companies to report on whatever the US government wants them to. You can’t trust media companies for your information about candidates anymore.

–Mazrim Taim

You’re exactly right I don’t want any politcian… or for that matter anyone at all. Noone is up to the task of running the United States of America… but we have to elect someone and in my opinion George W Bush would make and has been a lot better president than John Kerry could ever dream of being.

And my prediction stands… George W Bush will be sitting in the oval offive for 4 more years :get it?:

Kevin :cool:

If Bush wins this coming election it might as well be the end of the world. At least for the U.S.

If Bush wins, I’m moving the fuck out of this country.

No disrespect ofor any Bush supporters, but I have absolutely zero respect for Bush.

It’s amazing how many said no. Now all we have to do is uh… GET ALL THE PEOPLE 18 AND OVER IN THE US TO FUCKING VOTE!

Yeah. That would be great. :slight_smile:

The Earth isn’t going to end. Perhaps our domain over it will, but the earth itsself wont. Well, at leastnot for another 4.5 billion years when the sun enters it’s Red Giant stage of growth and enevlopes the earth, making either Jupiter or Saturn the next Earth… but thats not the point.

I am going to stick with Bush for another 4 year. There are too many freedoms I am not willing part with for me to vote for a democrat. Call me a right wing extremist, but I think that Bush has done well. Does anyone know what Saddam and his two sons were doing in the country ? Can anyone list the number of atrocities that Saddam and his two sons have done over there ? Since we have been over there, we have found a lot of things that Saddam has done that no one ever knew about. To say “It’s all about oil” is a cop out. If it was “all about oil” dont you think we would have invaded 10 years ago when we had the chance and reason to ? I can agree that we are going a bit far in our global poliecing, but Saddam and his sons were as evil and twisted as men can be, and removing them from power, even ending their lives was a good mark for humanity in my book. Soooooo, Bush gets my vote in 2005, unless he does something dumb like pass that stupid patriot act. But it a Democrat got elected, something similar would be passed, and people would lose their gun rights. Hell, we could be the next Austrialia. First our guns go, then Swords will be outlawed. I guess I’ll just leave it at that.

Bush, stick to what he says? HA! “Lots of other people’s [opinions] as well”? Oner 90% polled said to get rid of him. Sorry, but that doesn’t count as “lots”.

@ Born Loser
You’re worried about gun control? Nice avatar, BTW. Also, I think you view on Bush is summed up by your handle: Born Loser.

Firstly, no one said that the earth was going to end. That wasn’t even worth bringing up. If that was to counter Maz’s point, you failed to grasp what he was saying.

And what rights would Democrats take from you that are more important than the things like the Patriot Act are working on eliminating? The right to own guns? That’s not going to disappear any time soon, even if some would like it to (myself not included). So Bush got rid of Saddam. Good job. But he won’t rest until every single perceived threat to the US has been eliminated. We don’t have nor want the resources to accomplish such a ridiculous task. A greater threat than a military attack is the sudden and significant loss of a major source of power/fuel. If we don’t do something about looking for renewable fuel sources soon, we’re going to be real screwed.

Foreign projects should not be the main object when voting someone into presidency unless circumstances dictate otherwise. The job of the president of the United States of America is to benefit and improve the people of the United States of the America, not to go on a crusade with the intention of ridding the world of “evils”. Saddam and his son’s actions may have been deplorable, but have you considered what Bush has done? He linked the 9/11 incident with the Al-Qaeda for no real reason (essentially lying to the people who he’s supposed to lead), got several Asian countries to be hostile towards him with a creative bit of “NEW AND IMPROVED AXIS OF EVIL” crap, initiated and carried through a completely illegal war despite protestations from the United Nations organization and most of the world, cut taxes for the rich so they can be even richer and the poor even poorer, openly stated his views towards homosexual marriage (which should be handled by someone at least with more tact, if not morality, than he), essentially cut off diplomacy with France (Freedom fries? Bullshit. It’s not even funny, and a mockery to anyone who can claim to be patriotic) and drained the country’s treasury. For what? So that some major oil companies can reap the benefits? Also, think of what he has not done. He talked about a missile defense system. That was dropped. He talked about developing hydrogen fuel cars. What news do we have on that recently? None. He talked about rebuilding Iraq’s economy after the glorious “liberation”. Yeah, that’s coming along real well (no).

The United States was developing a nice reputation in Clinton’s term because of his efforts in acting as a mediator for a lasting peace between the Palestines and the Iranians. Now the people in the United States aren’t any happier, the poor aren’t any better, education isn’t any better, the economy has taken a hit, the environment a bigger one, and the world isn’t any friendlier with the United States. If that doesn’t spell failure for the president of a country, I don’t know what does.