Burn the gay books! Alabama uber alles!


Sounds fine to me

Wow, I didn’t know Tennessee Williams was gay. I always thought “how can a man be gay with a name like ‘Tennessee’?!” :open_mouth:

That gay agenda was taken from my daily planner.

Alabama’s exceedingly high divorce rate is still there to protect the sancity of marriage, though. No worries.

Haw, soon there’s be book black markets. If it’s forbidden it’s always one more reason for people to get it. I can already see it coming: somewhere, in a dark alley in alabama…
“Cocaine, crack, bootlegged shit…?”
“Screw that crap! Where’s that one book with those two gay guys kissing each other? @_@”
“You’re hooked man, calm down. We don’t deal that shit anymore, It’s too dangerous.”

This would be kind of nice, since it seems whenever I go to a book store, I always wonder into the gay studies section

I don’t see how destroying books written by homosexuals or denying the presence of homosexuals in written literature is going to “protect the minds and souls of our young children.” They’re going to learn about alternative lifestyles sometime in their lives, anyways.

Of course, maybe that’s part of their plan. Let them learn about homosexuals through the teachings of sitcoms and other modern day TV shows, and teach them to see gays the way the network executives do; blatantly oversexed, “quirky” characters who act obnoxiously flamboyant, as if to say “Look at me! I’m gay, and I want the entire world to know it!” That’d make it that much easier for these future children to develop hatred for the homosexual community, and in turn, cause even more gay oppression.

This bill is almost barbaric; like we are in the 20’s, and a ban on alcohal is in effect. Same principle.

is that you megamanx2k?

Uh oh!

What ‘Uh oh’? No 'uh oh’s about it. Barbaric.

I’m not talking about your post.

You quoted it.

Oh, btw, not this Megaman person, Charlemagne.

I’m referring to your name.


Something wrong with Amon, or the fact that there is a seemingly well-known admin named Sinistral?


If only there were some way to tell them apart! IF ONLY!

I don’t care :P. Although I was startled at first.

I’m thinking more of the wrath of Sin.

EDIT: And I’m proven wrong.

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