Burn the gay books! Alabama uber alles!

great timing guys :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway back to the topic; This will never pass the courts.

Okay, that clears that up. I guess SA for short.

Right, I agree. Bills like this from hardcore conservatives rarely pass, anyways.

I don’t see anything in that story about not being able to accept donated copies of that material…

Somone change Sinistral Amons name to somthing else. Like “Merlin Zero” theres no way you can mix that up.

Just change it to Chaotic Amon, if possible.

Donations just sounds like someone is side-stepping the issue, like a back door approach.

Bleh… What the hell is with everyone and being anti-gay? : \ It is depressing. I honestly want to just slap them and tell them to shut it, they dont need to pay attention to them if they don’t want to.

They act like all of them are demons or something. I really like all the gay people I know.

Some people just need to learn to live with it. They are here to stay, and nobody is going to make them leave. Period.

Fuck 'em.

If the homophobes want to be nazis about some lit, let them be. That just supplies the rest of us more rhetorical ammo to make fun of them with. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it just some sort of voter fellatio then?

Why wouldn’t it be. isn’t it always when it comes to crap like that?
Oh come on, a POLITICIAN. CARING. About KIDS. of OTHER PEOPLE. Get real. :chupon:

The very fact they invoked the sacred phrase For The Good Of The Children means exactly that.

When will you people get it? It’s not “uber.” “It’s über.”


Stop making up phrases, I know what you’re trying to pull and that’s just a bunch of kittens in a calabash if you ask me

Bleh, pisses me off too much though.

Which is the exact kind of thing they want 'cause it causes two reactions : 1) Higher suicide rate for closeted homosexuals. 2) Self-ghettoization of homosexuals.

Booo, Kansas!

If said books are trying to tell me that sticking my cock in another man’s feces-cannon is a good idea, then yes, burn them. If they merely advocate platonic love between two men, I encourage them.

Somehow I doubt that those books advocate the past time of man love:pitching and catching.

But how do you KNOW!? :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Since when do public school kids read tennessee williams, gore vidal, truman capote, or even shakespeare anyway? I’ll bet most school libraries in alabama don’t even have these books. Aren’t there any contemporary gay authors that we can have a crusade against?