I think kids that know how to fight are more likely to be arrogant and be bullies themselves.

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The bottom line is… it comes down to the parents. Whether or not a kid know karate, judo or whatever; if the parent’s don’t give a damn about there kids there more likely to turn into little monsters as oppose to a kid who grows up with a properly guided upbringing.

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That’s what I was saying earlier in this thread. Parental involvement, or lack of, is the problem with 90% of the issues involving education.
Parents get involved sometimes, they want to get rid of things that they think are causing the problems, but it never involves their own parenting method. They just pass the blame to Marylin Manson or Duke Nukem.

You’re special.

It was a gutwrench reverse suplex onto concrete and wooden edging.

That was the second brainbuster, after a Ganso Bomb, that it took for Kawada to put Misawa away and win the Triple Crown. Kawada broke his forearm on Misawa’s head early in that match too, and because of it was unable to defend the title and was stripped. IIRC. Ganso Bomb:

Also, RIP Misawa.

Hm. Definitely gutwrench, yeah. You’re right about that. I was calling it a brainbuster though mostly for the head bump. Although, I guess a front facelock is typically needed for a brainbuster. Maybe a botched gutwrench powerbomb? I’m just loathe to call it a suplex because of the way the bully lands.

The martial arts is a good idea and I will do the same or something smilar with my children(if I have any). If a boy, possibly weight-lifting etc. It can help not just for self-defense, but also for general confidence.

If he doesn’t want to be part of a weight-lifting program, beat him until he does.

Here’s some more:

Kids don’t usually bully people to hurt them, nor do they permit bullying in their presence because they’re sadistic or cruel. They – bullies and bystanders alike – do it to feel good about themselves. And that’s a tough feeling to tackle.

Furthermore, for kids to stand up for a victim would invite being ostracized and marginalized themselves – which virtually no kids can withstand. In a sense, recounting stories of the horrors of bullying serves as a warning to children of what awaits them if they dare to intervene in the bullying process.

What this is about is that many – if not most – teenagers are walking around feeling acutely vulnerable themselves. Bullying gives one group of kids the chance to boost their self-esteem by belittling others. And the larger group passively consents – sometimes even joins in, even if it violates their own values – as a way to attain a higher social niche for themselves.

And nothing can combat the power of that kind of esteem-booster for most children.

In fact, the same is true for adults.

All this talk of martial arts (while it is a valuable skill none-the-less) isn’t absolutely necessary since a significant part of bullying is actually verbal as oppose to physical. While it is a method, to boost confidence (as Curtis mentioned); simply standing up and talking back (not swearing of course) could prove effective. That’s what I myself did back in the school days… I barely ever got into a fight. Physical confrontations a usually the result of giving into a bullying. I support the idea of confidence boosting… as another major factor to prevent outbreaks such as this.

I would agree with this. It is almost encouraging a child to retaliate physically by throwing them into martial arts lessons, or weight lifting. Of course these techniques are intended for self defense, but a child can easily misappropriate them. It’s still a healthy exercise for the child. I would rather promote discussion and getting out of rough situations verbally rather than physically. It prepares the child for the real world as most reasonable people talk out their problems as opposed to punching out their problems.

Just beng physicaly stronger,and having some degree of fightng ability/athleticism, can make a person more socially confident. Furtermore, the ideal way to raise a child would be to make them physically strong/capable, and also teach them to stand up for themselves.

Personally, I have social anxiety disorder. My future children will probaby inherit it. I believe that the martial arts/weightliftig/athletics can help ameliorate some of the effects of the disorder, and if I have kids, I owe it to them to give it a try…

Of course they will. If I had a dad that everyone was constantly watching and judging I’d feel self conscious too.

Gila, all my acquaintances who were doing martial arts were constantly drilled that knowing when to use your skills is the most important part of the deal etc.

But you never know, they could end up like Johnny Lawrence!

Or even worse… his teacher, Joh Kreese! :open_mouth:

But in the end it’s all down to the individual! The mind can be quite unpredictable during the hardest of times.