Man other places much just be filled with losers cause there was literally no bullying at my schools whatsoever

In regards to punishing the victim for retaliating… it’s a very fragile issue. I mean they are setting a bad example to others by resolving their problems with physical means (which could incur some kind of minor punishment…perhaps depending on the extent of the reaction) but, as was in this case, the victim had already been suffering for sometime. Is it right to just suspend a student who has undergone years of torment for breaking up emotionally and standing up for himself? It’s very a difficult issue no doubt!

One thing I do agree with 100% is taking the problem out on the parents! FULL FORCE!!! Charle’s right in saying that the majority of parent’s simply don’t give a shit (excuse the language… I feel it’s very relevant.) Some one mentioned law suits and all that before… I see that as a possibility (it’s not an outrageous idea… perhaps in the eyes of the bully’s parents, lol!) The parents should be held responsible for every action of their child. However, that brings me to yet another issue which complicates matters… bullying fueled by mental illlness! Like ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.) I guess in situations like these, the parents have to either home school (which could prove rather difficult) or apply for a suitable institution.

However, the bottom line is… in general situations (where the parents are clearly at fault), they should be made to suffer; so next time they’ll actually check there kid’s bag when he feels like taking a knife to school! (just an example btw :P)

ADHD didn’t exist before video games. Parents should not let their kids play video games.

No Video Games means… NO RPGC!!! :bowser: How could you consider such a thing… :’(

I was on both sides of the fence at different times growing up. Standing up for yourself (verbally and/or physically) sometimes works, sometimes it doesn’t. Generally, I think sticking up for yourself is better than just taking it. You might get your ass beat because of it, but you also might earn some respect in the process.

I was the “geek”, the “teacher’s pet”, and “goody two shoes” in primary and high schools. Bullies tried to mess with me at first, but once they figured out that I wasn’t going to give them the satisfaction high from me, they moved on. They made the right choice.

Bullies bully each other. They suffer just as much as their victims, in one way or another. Who do the bullies grow up to be?


I know right. And loss prevention. Especially loss prevention.

So suppose you guys have kids, and your offspring comes home beaten up by bullies. How would you react? Call the school? Put your children in a martial arts school? Plan some sort of vendetta?

I intend to put my kids in martial arts from the day they can walk, so that’s a non issue. If the bullies get physical, I’ll make sure my kids know that I encourage self defense. I would ensure my kids documents through a phone or an audio recording the harassment they receive and if needed, the unwillingness of the administrators to respond. With this information, I would contact the principal and the superintendent and the shit would hit the fan if they refused to act. If they were unwilling to do anything about the problem, I’d destroy their lives and bankrupt their district. You all know what I’m like when I get angry.

Pictured: When Sin gets angry.

That’s great! I’m so saving that.

Notable quotes:

It is criminal to teach a man not to defend himself when he is the constant victim of brutal attacks -Malcolm X.

It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees - Emiliano Zapata.

Anyone care to add?

To error is human, to forgive is devine - Snoop Doggy Dog from the movie Starsky and Hutch.

Well I can’t think of any quotes to add at the moment, however in regards to the initial incident; the boy that retaliated has now been recognised globally as a hero and an icon for all those who suffer from bullying! He is quite literally being given the star treatment and he was asked a bunch of absurd questions in an exclusive interview on our 9 network! I seriously don’t know how stupid the media is… but one thing is for sure, we’re going too see more children being “tomb-stoned” on concrete from now on!

Link: http://aca.ninemsn.com.au/article/8226524/net-bullying-victim

It wasn’t a tombstone. Wasn’t even really a piledriver. It was closer to a brainbuster than anything else.

Make sure they stick with it. Most kids don’t really understand how to apply force correctly until their bodies grow bigger. I intend to put my kids through martial arts as well but I see learning it before 11 years of age to be theoretical teaching. They know how to move but not how to apply.

I had self defense lessons back before I even hit grade school and studied Judo and neither did jack squat. I even hit puberty early and it still didn’t help keep my ass from getting kicked.

That said, I highly doubt any amount of self defense or audio recording devices are going to amount to squat if the school’s principal and staff are out for your kids’ blood in a grudge match against you and your children and the superintendent is just a corrupt figurehead of a politician. Besides the longer you leave them in that environment while you fight the system the longer your kids will be made to suffer. Sure you’ll probably win if you can provide solid proof of them doing something totally grievous like denying your children access to even the most basic education or even state mandated education should you be unfortunate enough to have a child with special needs, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not going to make your victory a costly one as scum of that level will likely do something like getting your kids sent off to a correctional institute or some other horrible hellhole. You’re far better off getting them as far away as possible, preferably teach them yourself since you’re a hell of a lot smarter than any teacher in a public school setting will be by the time your children are ready for grade school.

As much as I’d love to do home schooling and not have to deal with people, there are unfortunate societal consequences to that when they try to go to college. You’re absolutely right that there is no way to directly control how things will unfold, but I don’t see that as an excuse to not try.