Video of tables turning on bully sounds alarm bells


Bullying is a problem that occurs not only in the school yard, but just about everywhere people gather and socialize. The above article and incredible video has sparked controversy on how bullying itself should be managed!

What are your thoughts on this matter?

That such things happen in the world is nothing new. I broke a guy’s finger in high school and took various other measures of my own to deal with bullies because administrators and teachers were powerless and incompetent. I’m glad the big guy stood up for himself and while I am unsurprised he was punished for it, I think he should be proud of himself. Its much better to have a guy fight back than someone commit suicide by hanging themselves in their closet, like that Irish girl who came to MA with her mom. You just can’t expect people to take shit like this lying down day after day when the system is stacked against them.

What’s seen is this video is just the world having to confront what it has always know and tried to ignore. It is controversial because people are forced to confront the ugly consequences of their lack of action on the matter.

Victims of bullying should have a legal right not only to reasonably defend themselves, but to avoid school punishment for it. As it is, the victim must choose between letting his torment continue or running away and tattling on the bully, branding himself a wimp and a loser in the eyes of his classmates. Nothing frustrates me more than comfortable, moralistic teachers who punish both the aggressor and the victim who acts in self-defense, perhaps invoking a truism, “It takes two to start a fight.”

What this does, ultimately, is protect bullies. Every time a tormented student keeps silent to avoid being labeled a tattler, a bully gets off scot-free. It encourages the bad people to continue bullying, and encourages the good people to let themselves be trampled on. It’s a sickening perversion of justice.

That said, the response of the older child here may have been excessive. It’s not clear, from the video, whether the younger kid’s punches are full-fledged blows to the face or just minor, antagonizing grazes.

I sure support you guys with the fact that bullies should be able to defend themselves without getting in trouble! But, as Xwing mentioned I think that was a rather severe retaliation! (as much as I laughed about it… come to think of it, it could have had disastrous consequences!)

He should have just punched him around a fair bit (make him bleed as well) as oppose to dropping him upside down on his head… but maybe next time, he’ll think twice before bullying again! xD

Fighting back can actually make matters worse for the victim if the bully then learns what he can do to the victim that’ll make him or her react and allow the bully to find ways to stealthy provoke the victim into lashing out in front of the teacher.

Unfortunately, there really isn’t a hell of a lot anyone can do about bullying when you consider that throughout life there will be people who spend their time doing nothing but making other people’s lives miserable for their own twisted pleasure. The best thing for a victim is to have support from somebody close to them, like a parent, and to find an environment that lets them participate without getting singled out as a target for bullies. Hell, I’d advocate solutions like homeschooling if it comes down to that. After all, the parent can’t be any worse of a teacher than the one the victim has now.

I have a feeling that the little kid is a hanger on, one that parrots older and bigger bullies so as to seem cool. So Zangief Kid knows he was always there and associates him with all of the prior bullying. That association makes him snap without regard to whether the blows are full-fledged or not.

Bullying is obviously a complex matter, with both genetic as well as environmental factors.

I believe we can marginalze bullying as a behavior. The way is by increasng awareness to both students and parents - through coursewok at all levels of education. This way, kids(and adults) will not only realize that bullying is not something they have to take, but also that they should actively do something about it. It may take a long time, but when people are age become parents, they will hopefully be much demanding that schools take action than our own parents were.

One other option may be punishing the parents of bullies in a legal sense.

Violence between students should not be accepted or go unpunished. The school faculty should be aware of what is going on in their school. And they should have the power and forethought to be able to end problems before they get out of hand.


Hello? Most litigious society in the world? Hi. Yes. We’re about to make a common occurrence a tort. Have fun. Don’t abuse it!

Amen brother.

Seven nerds who got bullied posting in this thread.

Makin’ it eight here.


If your RPGC join date is 2002 there is literally a 100% chance that you got bullied in school. But I think we all turned out the better for it…well except for Charlemagne, obviously

I put up with about five or six and a half years of bullying in primary school because I was deeply indoctrinated in the ways of good, well-behaved boys who played by the rules.

Far too late, I realized that, no, wait, that’s bullshit and had never worked, and tried to sock a guy in the face in the middle of the last year. The fight lasted a couple of seconds before we were separated and neither really got a good hit on the other, but I went on to enjoy the only peaceful and friendly half semester of my primary years.

In short, like it or not, the prison life strategy works: Shank a guy or you’ll end up being somebody else’s bitch. Teachers are not going to protect you, so the only way to earn respect is to stand up for yourself. I just wish I had realized that earlier, I’m to this day still trying to shake off the vestiges of an extremely introverted personality that I cultivated through those years.

Never had a problem in highschool because everyone was suprisingly chill there.

Nine :V It was mostly in junior high though. Once I got to high school and made myself a couple dozen new friends, it got a lot better.

It’s harder to get singled out when you’re in the middle of a crowd, right~?

When I turned 9 I got my first bike, my dad called me a cunt and told me to learn to ride it myself.

People used to try to bully me when I was 12-13, but I played dirty. Once I was in a classroom by the window, and one of the bullies who was outside put his arm in to punch me on the head. He connected the first punch, but I kept my cool and parried the second one with the needle of my drafting compass. It was quite messy. The bullies were too frightened to try anything else for a couple of weeks. Best part is that the guy with the wound got suspended for a week, while I never got any punishment.

I always hanged with a group of nerds. We were kinda “peace loving” and never did anything to anyone unless they provoked us first. The bullies would mostly leave us alone because they knew that any offense would be met with disproportionate actions. We once put a piece of wood, covered in cyanoacrylate, on the chair of a guy just as he was sitting because he had shoved one of us. He took a while to react and when he pulled it off it ripped part of the butt of his pants off. He was too demoralized to react violently and went home crying like a baby.

I figured out fairly early that teachers didn’t do crap if someone got shoved around on the playground. Now, personally, I never had problems with bullies, but I found ways to make sure nobody messed with my friends, whether by subtle threats or (more often) negotiations.
Although, there was the one time where these two fifth graders were giving me shit for no reason, and one of them was making like he was about to punch me in the gut, while the other one held me back. Luckily, I had read that if you tightened your stomach muscles, you can actually take a hit and not get hurt, so right before he punched me, I did just that. It was funny because there I was, this short little girl getting punched in the stomach, and I didn’t cry or anything. That kid’s eyes flew wide open and they both kinda just stood there for a moment looking at me, until I made a move like I was gonna fight back, then they ran off like the bitches they were. They didn’t bother me again. :stuck_out_tongue:

I too got my fair share of bullying through out primary and high school! But in high school The majority of bullies (in my grade especially) were actually kind of nice if you got to know them… I know that sounds weird! But they weren’t the type to cause trouble for fun; more so causing trouble if they are annoyed or for some other rebellious reasons. But I myself was your simple “average joe” so I generally blended in with the crowd (kind of invisible to trouble makers. xD)

Although I have to admit during my younger years I did bully people myself (verbally, not physically) and I regret some of the stuff I’ve done… even till this very day.

In school they have this thing called ‘Opportunity Transfer’ for troubled students. If you cause any kind of problem in your school. They transfer you to another school, to give you the opportunity to fuck up at that school. Do you guys think this big kid actually shouldn’t be punished at all? Do you think that would work? I think it would just make it so some people would “defend” themselves whenever they got the chance, knowing they wouldn’t get punished for it. Maybe parents should start giving a shit about their kids and make sure they aren’t sadistic fucks. Also, maybe teachers should be allowed to expel a shitty student. I mentioned in another thread about school problem, that I have a friend that is a teacher in a really shitty part of LA. Most of her students are failing, doing drugs, having sex (sometimes even in class) or just being a general asshole. She had this one prick that got mad at her and threw a chair against the wall. She sent him to the dean and he wasn’t suspended or anything for over a week. In the meantime he caused a lot of trouble thinking nothing could touch him. And since HE wasn’t punished, all the rest of the students started acting even worse. And now teacher wages are in trouble. Cuz if America needs to cut back spending on ANYTHING it’s education. The teachers job should be to teach. And it’s hard to teach when you don’t have the power to get rid of distracting forces. We need to live in a society where parents are held responsible for how their kids do in school, educationally and socially. But parents have no incentive to give a shit about their kids education (unless they legit care) so really I don’t see why there isn’t a tax or fee on people that allow their children to fail a class or are suspended. The money could go to funding education. F’reals.