Is so damned cute and awesome and awesomely cute. Discuss.

Here’s a link- I’m not double-posting.


Build a bear is a store where you build your own teddy bear (or build someone a teddy bear). Awesome concept. Very useful when you have a GF :P.

Looks expensive, they should cut costs by raising real bears killing them and then stuffing them.

I took my brother to one for his birthday. Its fun, but holy fuck its expensive.

Fuck yea man. My GF is bringing me there for my birthday to (hopefully, if they have it) get a monkey with pirate clothes. We’re gonna name it Jack.

My sister used to babysit for a spoiled brat who made tons of bears there. The store is a really neat place though, or so I’ve heard.

Pah! Build your own Teddybear PC.

that site is confusing. how am I supposed to build a bear?

It looks cute and all, but it’s a way bit too cheesy for me.

ive got a bear from there, and they are nice. make nice presents too. but yes, they are expensive. they are also good things to take little kids to do for an afternoon.

My little brother got one from there and even though it’s expensive, it’s still pretty cool. How often does a little kid get EVERYTHING they want out of a stuffed animal?

I’ve seen commercials for that. It just looks so DUMB. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m just not into that stuff. I don’t like stuffed toys, and I don’t buy cute furry gifts for girls, so fuck that shit :stuck_out_tongue: If I wanted to get to get a gift for a chick, I’d get them like, some sexy panties or something. But not a bear. And definitely not a bear in sexy panties. …That I built. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you think buying a pair of sexy panties will get you laid faster than buying a girl a nice, big, slightly-expensive, custom-designed plushie teddy bear that reminds them of you everytime they see it…

well that explains your lingering virginity.

Build-a-Bear is a great idea, and a really sweet gift for anyone of any age who likes stuffed animals. Plus it’s great for kids, because they love to make things themselves.

SG, I have to agree with zep on this…getting a girl a bear you built yourself, or taking her to build one herself, defintely shows more thought than getting her a pair of underwear. Because it’s more time-consuming, she’ll think you actually give a crap about her, and that’ll get you brownie points. Panties are a nice gift too, but something like Build-a-Bear is a great suck-up gift. :slight_smile:

Though it can be taken too far…I know a couple in college who built a turtle there, and carry it around with them all the time and treat it like their child. Now THAT is just a bit fucked.

hey if i built a turtle with genetic material, i’d treat it like a child too. turtles rule.

As my husband says “Buying a girl sexy panties is for the guy, not the girl.” The teddy bear is for the girl, because most guys aren’t interested in teddies of that particular type. At least not past age 5.

One of my friends have one, they’re really cute.


I’ve only seen these places at the mall.

A teddy bear with panties, I mean, the girl gets a bear, and a subtle, yet effective message at the same time. How can you lose there?