Britney's subliminal message

It’s not really subliminal when everyone knew it though

…the fuh? o_O;

I don’t think she has to remind us of what she is,since almost the hole world already knows it.

sorry double post


Get slaped by a ‘hsif’! I already know that, constidering my backwards mind has decoded that one before it finnished playing the first time.

Big Nutter
Backwards mind, YAR!!

Brittney’s just a little twit, lets leave it at that, she puts on a good show, but I don’t see her in ten years. Although with another democrat in office, and her ambitions it could be another scandal in the making.

The Led Zeppelin one is a bit creepier.

Thanks for pointing out why I don’t like that song!

Big Nutter
(See post above, below, whatever)

And I still say Brittney’s a twit, she should join with mili vanili and blame her ditz iness on the rain.

Song reversions are silly.

Yeah, so are you Nulani. :stuck_out_tongue:

<Yes, just and.>

And you’re silly, so silly people sould really not say anything else is silly, it canceals out the silly, or so Ive heard.

But song reversions are still silly, so you’ve heard wrong.

Are you sure that’s intentional?

Britany Spears used to be cool. Now she’s cheaper than a $2 whore with a coupon.

I agree with all of that except the first seven words. :3

wonders what Zero’s obsession with britney is
And hey! let’s all go to and randomly upload some of our favorite songs! Maybe we’ll find even more subliminal messages! <.<

What obsession?

I love it.