Who’s british here.

Pierson is flutters eyelashes

Wow that was quick.
Is he.

Urkani’s also from England. [strike]flutters eyebrows[/strike]

Can you imagine having a voicechat with them? I’d wet my pants. British accents are sooo sexy. Only for guys, of course.

Im british, not from the best city, but definately the best rugby team

Gilgamesh is, too.

When you think about it england has the best rugby team.

They lost to us. Ireland rugby>England rugby.

Still can’t do it.

You dont understand, im talking about the better code, rugby league, and the bradford bulls, world club champions.

I was talking about countries, not local.

I am I am I am! Do I win a prize? And why the thread anyway?

To see how many british people their are.

England rugby league takes Ireland rugby leauge to the cleaners

That is corect.
Unlike my grammer.

Ireland national pwns English national. Ma ha.

Yeah, I’m In North-West England. We have a rugby team who lose to Bradford a lot.

Man. So many Brits here. You really should get together ala RPGCali. Maybe call it RPGCTimeForTeaShineYourShoesGov’nahJollyGoodInsertBritishStereotypeHere Hmm… That’s rather catchy.

RPGCambridge! One of you bastards had better live in cambridge -_-