Bring back the chat!

One whole week with no posts in the main forum???

Cmon people, talk!!! :moogle:

How’s the weather at your place??

What did you do on the weekend???


The weather sucks, and I did nothing this weekend but be in a depressive funk. Well, I did finish a 328-page book in about a day. But other than that outstanding achievement, nothing.

The weather here is AWESOME. The temperature’s above 10C every day!

The weather here is lovely, spring is coming to Ireland. It’s sunny and getting warmer, and there’s daffodils all over the place. It’s fucking beautiful.

We’ve barely had a winter all season, and now it’s ending. I actually got to drive my black Camaro on Christmas Day, and on my birthday. Doesn’t get much better than that~

I’ma go take the catalytic converters off my cars, so all our winters will be like this.

This is the way the forum ends.
Not with a bang, but a whimper.


I wish Zeppelin was here. I wish he’d post like a guy covered in feces. Or something else that’s epic.

It’s gay. So fucking gay

Surely you can do better than Eliot.

The weather out here is basically the same as it was since the middle of September aside for a few weeks in February. I suspect that we’ll be hitting an average of 80 in April and 90 in May.

Nah, but I can do better than quoting someone and saying they can do better than that.


Its warm, but it still doesn’t feel like Spring.

Why it’s warm:

Where I’m at… Summer’s just finished and it’s finally starting to heat up!

After getting a crapload of snow during jan/feb, it’s pretty much all melting away on the way towards April.

This particular week has been concentrated on job hunting. Interestingly enough, I had to update both my CV and cover letter to English, which was a refreshing little excercise.


Uh… ok. o_O

This made randomly checking in worth it. ::dekar!:::chupon::ulty:

Ha! I agree!

that’s so ten minutes ago

The weather is starting to warm up here. I hope the trend continues. I miss being warm and enjoying the sun.

As for the weekend, Friday was fun. I held a birthday party for my friend and I. We made lots of food and brought plenty to drink. It became a really fun dance party and everyone had a good time. The rest of the weekend was spent sleeping. So nothing really interesting at all. Next weekend though I’m going to Boston and will hopefully get to see my best friend for a few days. ^^ She’s going there especially to see me.