Bring back the chat!

It’s spring classic out here. Sun, Wind, Rain, a few Tornadoes, and mild temperatures all around. Other than that…



Yeah it keeps like storming end of the world here for a couple days and then the sun comes out and makes everything happy again. The world is taunting us!

You live in Hawaii. Hawaii is always warm!

So is Holland. But they have those windmills keeping them cool.

I want a windmill :frowning:

If that’s how windmills work, there must be a roaving gang of them in the Puget Sound - super windy today.

Don’t worry, in a few years you’ll have the Northern Atlantic Ocean to help as well.

This is true, but I’m currently in Rhode island. And Rhode Island is not always warm. It spends much of its time being cold.

This past week or two we’ve had freak showers! I graduated last week and during the ceremony it pelted down and flooded the low lying areas (including a carpark… in which some of the cars were supposedly written off!)

Here is a video of one of the places not far from where I live:

Wait, really? What were/are you doing in Rhode Island?

None of your goddamn business that’s what.

I guess she was not looking for a male prostitute, SAT tutor, or cobra venom dealer, then, since those are the fields in which I do business.

I somehow imagine you wearing the same attire for the male-prostitute and the cobra-venom-dealer gigs.

well regular prostitute or a bdsm prostitute?

I actually wear the same outfit for all three.

Called it!