Breath of Fire's Storyline

Does anyone know how each game fits together? It sucks because there’s no plot analysis and timeline for BoF like CT/CC or the FF’s. Since I’m replaying BoF1 on my emulator heavy sigh I’m realizing that I missed a lot of stuff having to do with the storyline- I found out major plot details by reading game synopsis. Stuff like…

Bleu being Tyr’s sister, Karn being adopted by a thief in Bleak, Nina belonging to a “Fae” tribe, DeathEvan being Tyr’s offspring, Myria being Tyr etc

Now I don’t know if stuff like that is correct, but…where do you learn all of this stuff, if it is?

Can anyone point me in the right direction of a plot summary, or at least explain other interesting tidbits like this?

I didn’t know most of that stuff either. But it was my personal belief that each of the BoFs takes place in the same world, but seperated by some-odd-millenia.

As an aside, you might enjoy reading [url= It’s an in-progress novelisation of BoF1 by the uber-talented Magus523.

I have a math class right now, but if you can wait two hours I’ll give you a full summary of every last damn detail up to BoF4.

I’ve boomarked that site GG, from what I read, it’s stuff that I’m looking for. Yay Seraphim thankies ^^

Don’t know how relevant this is (SG didn’t believe me when I told him :P), but the dark dragon in BOF: DQ is named Chetyre (I think that’s how it’s spelled). The godess is named Tyre, coincidence? OooOOooo

It’s not relevant because the names of the Dragons in that game (Odjn, Dva, and Chetyre) are all just numbers in russian. Odjn means one, Dva means two, and Chetyre means four. That’s why the game is called Dragon Quarter? Eh? Odjn and Chetyre? Dva is just a random optional boss who is a Dragon, but it’s Odjn and Chetyre who are the relevant ones. 1/4. Dragon Quarter. As in, not really pertaining to Tyr or Myria. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s taking me too long, so I’ll go posting what I have until now. I’ll finish everything in a few hours. WAIT UNTIL IT’S DONE TO ASK QUESTIONS.

First of all, I’ll be using SOME of the Japanese names, but only the ones that suffer changes (Tyr is called Myria later on the American version, so I’ll use that. However, Katt is never called Rinpoo, so I’ll stick to “Katt”)

The names I’m most aware of are:

Wyndia=Windia, Winlan.

Here it goes:

<i>“Whenever the world is threatened, a brave dragon of light will emerge from the flames and vanquish evil wherever it may lay. That is the legend of the Brave Man of The Dragon, The Destined Child”</i>

On ancient times, the Dragon Clan “Brood” governed the land and forged a mighty empire all over the world, using both their magical skills granted by their God Ladon as well as their incredibly advanced technological discoveries. Amongst their greatest achievements was the construction of the floating fortress “Obelisk”. This is what Momo calls the Techno-Age in BoF3.

However, fratricidal wars surged amongst the different factions of the Brood, resulting in an all-open war which wiped out most of the clan and completely destroyed their empire, leaving only scarce shrines and ruins scattered around the world. The only two factions that survived the battle were the highly powerful Black Dragons and the pacifist Light Dragons.

Thanks to the peace granted by the disappearance of the dragon empire, most of the other clans were allowed to flourish.

The Dog Clan “Grassrunners” (Crafted for hunting and spell casting.)

The Cat Clan “Woren” (Specialized in melee fighting)

The Fish Clan “Manillo” (Masters of commerce)

The Bird Clan “Fae” (Have the power to transform into giant birds when grown up)

The Monkey Clan “High Landers” (Highly militaristic)

The Frog Clan (They… uhm… cook?)

The Bull clan (Forgers)

The Armadillo Clan (Farmers)

The Human Clan (Which is always quite irrelevant).

This is how things are at the beginning of BoF1

The events of BoF1 are all quite clear and shallow, so I’ll give you just a basic rundown:

The Goddess of Desire Myria (Tyr) decided to play a morbid reality show as a apart of her plan to eliminate the Brood (Who she thought to be the “great devils of destruction” based on what triggred the destruction of the Techno-Age).

She promised power and immortality to whomever could collect the (How many where they?) Keys of The Goddess. Obviously, nobody even dared to go against the Brood on a militaristic conflict, so the battle was pretty much between the Black Dragons and the Light Dragons, although the latter showed no interest in fighting (Especially since there was only a small bunch of the left against the whole Black Dragon army).

The Black Dragons commence an unchallenged conquest of the whole world.

Still, just in case, the Black dragon emperor Zog commanded an attack on Drogen (The Light dragon village) to capture the only remotely dangerous member of the faction: The Dragon Maiden Sara, which they did without much problem leaving Sara’s little brother Ryu quite enraged. Ryu, seeing the impotence of his faction, decides to journey to the enemy city to rescue Sara. Nobody believes much in him, but they give him his blessings anyway.

The rest of the events can be summarized:
[li]Ryu meets a very young Nina Wyndia of the Fae, princess of the homonymous country.
[/li][li]Ryu meets Bo of the Grassrunner clan.
[/li][li]Seems the Grassrunners and the Woren are living together, although they don’t get along all that well. Cats and Dogs, go figure.
[/li][li]Ryu receives several powers from the Dragon God Ladon. Oh, and he’s also the Destined Child from the legend, surprise.
[/li][li]Ryu meets the thief Karn (The only Human party member in the entire saga up to 4)
[/li][li]Ryu meets Deis the Demigoddess (Who is really irrelevant)
[/li][li]Ryu meets Gobi (A Manillo), some guy from the Bull clan whose name I forgot and Mogu The Mole (Who is also irrelevant but horribly cute).
[/li][li]Nina falls into a time hole pulling a very complicated time-pharadox thingie that ends up with her being grown-up, which ultimately means she can use the power of the Great Bird and that Ryu isn’t a pedophile for shacking up with a minor.
[/li][li]Zog revives Obelisk
[/li][li]Ryu fights Zog. Ryu kicks ass.
[/li][li]Zog’s hechman, Jade, betrayed his lord. Lots of fighting and irrelevant stuff happen ending with Jade and Sara dead and with Myria free and happy.
[/li][li]Obelisk crashes around the Drogen area and buries itself.
[/li][li]Ryu fights Myria and uses the ultimate Brood power “Infinity” (Agni) to kick her ass.
[/li][li]They all go back home and the legend of the “8 Brave Warriors” is born. They are all alive and happy.
[/li][li]Ryu (Guessing from what you see in BoF2) marries Nina. This is good for them, but it screws the Fae heavily.
This is all up to BoF1.

Nina from Breath of Fire II seems to be a direct-line Windian tribe descendant from Nina of Breath of Fire I; the reason BoF2 Nina cannot fly is because BoF1 Nina married BoF1 Ryu and weakened the Windian bloodline, and so the BoF1 Nina gives the BoF2 Nina the Mark of the Wing in order for her to transform into the great bird. Thus, we can gather that Breath of Fire II takes place several hundred years after Breath of Fire I.


Whoa, calm down. Don’t pop a vein or something.

Keep gooooing Seraphim, this is mighty interesting.

Thousands of years after the events in BoF1, the world has changed quite a lot. Here are the major facts:

[li]Humans are the predominant race. Most the other clans are almost extinct.
[/li][li]Grassrunners and Woren are brutally rare.
[/li][li]Armadillo and Bulls live in small villages.
[/li][li]The Manillo live underwater, so they don’t give a fuck.
[/li][li]The three major non-human clans are the Frogs to the northwest, the Fae to the north and the Highlanders to the southeast.
[/li][li]The Fae have long lost the power of the Great Bird (More on this later)
[/li][li]The Brood are no more than just a myth. Almost no one remembers the legend of the 8 Warriors.
[/li][li]The Human God, Saint Evans becomes the most popular religion. All the other divinities (Especially Ladon) are almost forgotten by humans.

The game starts in Gate, with the young Ryu Bateson, his sister Yua, his father, a St.Eva priest/sorcerer called Ganer and his mother, a woman with strange bat-like golden wings.

A few years back, the town of Gate was attacked by a large demon called Barubary. Ganer fought bravely against him, but to no use. When they were almost defeated, a giant Light dragon appeared and drove off the monster.

The Dragon set himself to sleep on the mountain. Ryu’s mother Valerie disappeared leaving only the Dragon Tear, a jewel that shows peoples emotions.

I could start summarizing the events, but they are not as shallow as before, so I’ll do this more precisely:
[li]Ryu falls asleep near the Dragon one day. When he returns to the village, his sister and father are gone and no one remembers him. Very confused, he sleeps in his own house as an orphan and meets the wandering thief Boche Doggy (Bow) of the Grassrunner.
[/li][li]Ryu and Bow escape Gate and get into a cavern. There they see the Horror Demon Barubary.
[/li][li]Barubary soon disposes of Bow and confronts Ryu. The demon leaves him nearly killed and frightened, but tells him some cryptic words about a “Gate” and “God”.
[/li][li]Around eight years go by. Ryu and Bow are now fourth-rate rangers in the town of Hometown (Couldn’t come up with a decent name?). In a mission, they both find an abandoned village in the south. If you compare maps, that’s about the same location Drogen was in (Duhn-duhn-duhn).
[/li][li]Bow is framed by a mysterious thief: A girl with Bat-like wings and dark blue hair. Ryu sets off on a journey to capture her and clean up Bow’s name.
[/li][li]Ryu meets Rinpoo Chuan (Katt) of Woren and Rand Banks from the Armadillo. They fight a demon disguised as a human.
[/li][li]Ryu and Katt rescue a black-winged Fae (Nina) and her sister Princess Mina.They fight ANOTHER demon disguised as a human.
[/li][li]They find out that Nina has the mark of the “Black Wing” which is said to be the doom of the Fae. That’s why she was cast out of the castle as a child. The legend of the Black Wing is completely bogus by the way.
[/li][li]They meet the street magician Sten Legacy and around here find out about the existence of a prominent priest of St.Eva: Father Ray.
[/li][li]In a failed attempt to score with the Fire Shaman Sanamo, Ryu awakens the sleeping Power of The Dragon (Not as good as the lay, but it’s something)
[/li][li]Oh yeah, they start building a town too.
[/li][li]The whole mess with Nimufu, Jean and the frog clan happens. Ryu gets new powers. They fight a demon disguised as a Frog.
[/li][li]They (finally) catch the Phantom Thief Patty and clear up Bow’s name.
[/li][li]They guy who accused Bow of stealing, Trout, turns out to be a demon. Slash, shot, bang.
[/li][li]The gang finally realizes that there seem to be way too many demons around. At the same time, a giant demon is sighted near Gate. Bow and Ryu pee their pants.
[/li][li]They meet Deis, who is still quite irrelevant and follows Ryu because she thinks he’s cute and doesn’t have anything better to do.
[/li][li]The team goes off to find a grassman (Do not mistake for Grassrunner) that can tell them what the heck’s going on. Said grassman is the androgynous, get this shit, Aspara-Gus (Spar). C’mon guys, Asparagus?
[/li][li]Several quests occur. The most relevant being the High Fort one, in which they find out Sten is actually an old army general who’s in love with his princess.
[/li][li]A demon disguised as a Highlander tried to emulate Obelisk’s power in Highfort. He fails.
[/li][li]During the quest they also find the demon that caused everyone to forget about Ryu in Gate and they hear of the legend of the 8 Warriors.
[/li][li]The mess in Farmtown with Rand’s mother occurs. Something stinks in the church.
[/li][li]The most relevant quest in the game occurs: The Great Bird Quest. Nina is apparently the great-great-daughter of Nina and Ryu from BoF1. Nina1’s marriage was what caused the downfall of the Great Bird. Also, some BoF2 Ryu/Nina fluff.
[/li][li]Ryu2 doesn’t seem to be a blood relative from Ryu1. MORE ON THIS AT THE END OF THE FIFTH POST.
[/li][li]They go to the Great church of Evrai. They escape from the Great Church of Evrai.
[/li][li]The “Resistance" plot happens. The Tiga fight made me use most of my best healing items before I realized you can’t win. Fucking cat.
[/li][li]Patty The Phantom Thief seems to be really crappy at her job.
[/li][li]More resistance stuff, St.Eva is clearly EvOl. Ryu/Katt fluff.
[/li][li]The small army attacks Evrai. They fail miserably.
[/li][li]Ray is a Black Dragon OMG! Rumor is that he’s Zog’s descendant (Since they are both blonde from the same clan).
[/li][li]Ryu’s Ultimate Innate “Kaiser” (G.Dragon) power awakens. MORE ON THIS A THE END OF THE FIFTH POST.
[/li][li]Ryu rescues his father (You didn’t kill him, did you?).
[/li][li]Ryu fires up the dormant Obelisk under his town. It’s almost completely useless now though.
[/li][li]Gate segment happens. The big dragon was Ryu’s mother, Valerie, and Patty is actually Yua. Also, High Priest/Demon Habakuru dies.
[/li][li]Ryu and Co. enter Infinity and arrive at Dologany. The Dragons were not extinct!
[/li][li]St.Evans is actually Deathevans, a demon left behind by Myria in order to destroy the Brood. It got out of control and decided to destroy all life-forms.
[/li][li]Ryu gains the Ultimate power of the Brood: Infinity (Anfini) AGAIN, FIFTH POST.
[/li][li]Ryu faces his childhood terror: Barubary (Unless you were a pussy and made them all fight together). Ryu wins and is muy macho.
[/li][li]The party faces Deathevans. Ryu is the only one who survives.
[/li][li]Half-dead Ryu summons Infinity and revives his companions. They destroy Deathevans.
[/li][li]Two possible endings, both equally irrelevant to the continuity as you never hear another word from any BoF2 character. Ever.

Game two finished.

I must point out that Ryu2 is one of the biggest man-whores in the history of gaming: Catgirls, Angel Girls, Pink-haired witches in leotards, Shaman, etc.

Cless and whoever else has every right to post comments pertaining to the subject of the thread, Seraphim Ephyon. Chill.

Sorry, I didn’t mean it to sound that angry.

I didn’t know Ryu and Patty were actually brother and sister! I completely missed all of that…and the Obelisk stuff…wowzers.

Obelisk is quite obvious (How many flying fortresses can there be anyway?). The Patty/Yua thing is really obscure, but if you consider that she has Dragon wings like Valerie, knows about the Dragon, and shouts “I want my big brother!” in the Gate scene, it pretty much seems clear.

I’ll only go as far as BoF3 for today, I need some sleep. I’ll post the third in a few minutes and I’ll do 4 and some explanation stuff tomorrow.

Lots of years after BoF2, the Brood seem to have gotten out of their cave-city and tried to destroy the world. However, God vanquished them and they are no more than fossils now.

New facts:
[li]The world seems smaller.
[/li][li]Almost all the population is human.
[/li][li]The Fae are the only large clan remaining, and they have lost their powers completely (Not even wings now).
[/li][li]Dragon fossils are used as an energy source.

Here we go:
[li]During a mining expedition, a pair of poor sods crack open what they thought to be a fossil. It was actually a quite alive dragon egg. Dragon gets out and starts to set people on fire for the heck of it. He is stopped by a mysterious voice and is captured by the miners.
[/li][li]While he was being sent to… somewhere, the baby dragon escapes and transforms into a human-looking kid. Said kid (Ryu) is found by the Woren Thief Rei. Doesn’t that just beat all?
[/li][li]Teepo is introduced. Rei seems to be hiding some special skill.
[/li][li]Mc Neil quest happens.
[/li][li]Rei’s house is attacked by the Mr. Ed wannabes Balio And Sunder. Rei and Teepo supposedly die. Ryu escapes.
[/li][li]The horses catch up to him and try to kill him. Ryu turns into a dragon but is too weak to fight. The horses decide to sell him in Wyndia as a “dangerous creature”
[/li][li]Pretty funny scene in Wyndia castle which reminds me of that singing frog from Warner. You know, the one that went Hello-my-baby-Hello-my-Darling… okay I’ll go on….
[/li][li]Little princess Nina tries to free Ryu. Dumb princess Nina is captured by Balio and Sunder.
[/li][li]Ryu turns into a dragon and a fight ensues. I don’t remember the outcome but you end up on the run either way.
[/li][li]You try to escape and meet the Grassrunner scientist Momo. Ryu gains more Dragon Powers. Nina does her damsel-in-distress routine like a thousand times.
[/li][li]”Enhanced crops” part 1. Peco the onion joins the party.
[/li][li]You get captured again.
[/li][li]The Tournament plot ensues. Ryu beats everyone (Including the scammer Emitai) until you fight the strange gladiator Garr. Garr pwns Ryu.
[/li][li]Garr decides to free Ryu and Co in exchange for letting him join the party. They agree (Duh, he’s HUGE!).
[/li][li]Balio And Sunder turn out to have demonic powers. You kill them.
[/li][li]Ryu and Co agree to go with Garr to Angel tower.
[/li][li]Pit Stop at Wyndia to get a passport. Nina’s parents are too big for their britches.
[/li][li]Looooooots of stuff happen including the faeries, training a bookworm and plenty of child [STRIKE]porn[/STRIKE] romance. They finally drag their asses to Angel Tower.
[/li][li]Garr and other three guardians were the ones who eliminated the Brood under the order of their Goddess. However, since the Brood never attempted to fight back, Garr has his doubts on who’s the real evil. He tries to fight Ryu to somewhat reach some kind of epiphany.
[/li][li]Ryu loses, but sort-of awakens the Kaiser Dragon and escapes. He goes to sleep for several years inside the mine where he was born.
[/li][li]Garr finds him and decides to travel to where his Goddess lives to find the truth. Ryu gets dressed (He’s a big boy now).
[/li][li]First Ryu without a ponytail. Is that haircut physically possible?
[/li][li]Ryu fights an angered Brood spirit. He is also blessed by the soul of a kind Brood Woman (His mommy I guess).
[/li][li]Ryu hears about a rampant Weretiger. Ryu fights said Weretiger.
[/li][li]Ryu meets grown-up Nina. She has veeeery small and useless wings.
[/li][li]Ryu and Co finally discover the truth about the Weretiger: it’s Rei in his berserker form. They all defeat another demon and wonder why there are people with powers like that. Ah, Rei rejoins and kicks much butt.
[/li][li]Momo and Peco rejoin. “Enhanced Crops” Part 2. Some foreshadowing involving the God Tree Yggdrassil (How the heck do you pronounce that anyway?).
[/li][li]Nina’s parents are still assholes. The party discovers the wondrous teleporters.
[/li][li]More traveling shit. You are in charge of the faerie village now, by the way.
[/li][li]Back at Angel Tower, it seems like Garr can’t reach his Goddess so we are going to try to free Deis, who was sealed for opposing the Goddess.
[/li][li]To free Deis, we need a second Guardian called Geist.
[/li][li]Geist, like Garr, doubted the Goddess. However, he deserted completely from the Guardians and was damned. He forces Ryu to fight him in order to free Deis.
[/li][li]Ryu wins, Geist dies (Happily).
[/li][li]Deis is free, still irresponsible and shamelessly naked. Ryu gets a good sight.
[/li][li]Deis is finally slightly relevant. She tells Ryu to cross the ocean and becomes a pretty kickass master (Although she doesn’t join. Bummer).
[/li][li]Failed ocean-crossing quests. Rei and Momo start bitching at each other.
[/li][li]The party hijacks a ghost and highly-computerized submarine.
[/li][li]They finally get to the other side and find a town of lifeless drone-like humans. Ryu fishes and gets the Royal Sword and Armor. They proceed to the ruins.
[/li][li]They fix the teleporter… and are sent back home. Oh, shit.
[/li][li]They finally managed to make it work and arrive in Dragnier, the forgotten Brood village (No, they are not extinct here either).
[/li][li]Okay, they might be extinct after all because they all gave away their powers and are now as common humans. They are also very bitter.
[/li][li]The party faces the Wise Man of The Dragon and the game’s most unfair fight.
[/li][li]Ryu gets the Kaiser power. Fifth post and all that.
[/li][li]Desert of Death. Hot. Fucking asshole gave me the wrong directions. Rei and Momo bitch a little more.
[/li][li]Nina has a heat stroke. Ryu certainly has guts (And a Gamfaqs guide since I went trough the desert TWELVE TIMES).
[/li][li]Oasis stuff, Ryu gets the Ultimate Brood Power: Infinity (Ultimate Kaiser).
[/li][li]Caer Xhan. Myria station. I was expecting to see FATE and Lynx pop up around here.
[/li][li]Teepo is alive. Teepo is a Brood. Teepo is brainwashed and your enemy. Teepo is no longer alive.
[/li][li]Garr’s goddess is actually Myria. It seems like she finally got her wish of seeing the Brood dead and then used the old Dragon Technology to manipulate the world with her as the constant babysitter. All this to protect life from what she considered a menace and the slow degeneration of the world. So she’s not ALL evil, just rash.
[/li][li]Ryu and Co decide that the world should be left alone to take it’s course. And after crossing that damn desert, I’ll be damned if some blonde angel chick tells me otherwise.
[/li][li]Peco is actually the God Tree Yggdrassil (Okay, that’s one I didn’t see coming).
[/li][li]Myria transforms. Damn she’s ugly.
[/li][li]Ryu fights and uses his shiny Ultimate Kaiser/Infinity form. Myria is defeated.
[/li][li]Deis is actually Myria’s sister and tells her that it’s time for her to stop meddling with the world.
[/li][li]Ryu and Co awake in the middle of the desert getting ready to reconstruct the world. Peco plants himself in the sand as to signal the beginning of the planet resurrection. Kewl.

As you can see, there are almost no mysterious or obscure things here. That’s all for today, I’ll post more tomorrow. Must… not… pass out… on… keyboard….

Myria in all her ugliness. You may not want to look because it might be a spoiler and she is possibly the most freakish boss in rpg history. Nevermind the spoiler thing, this whole thread is basically a spoiler. If you don’t want to see I’m posting this big space so you can scroll past it.

Pfft, Yunalesca is much more hideous looking. And FATE.

Well done Seraphim :smiley: Post moooooore.