"Boy, I really wish I had the common cold!"

Well now I can! IN PLUSH FORM!

This is without doubt the stupidest website ever. I love it.

Fuck you dude. I DO have a cold and this is my first week of practice with Varsity. It sucks.

Those were on the Graham Norton Effect.

I like the ulcer.

That’s kind of creepy. O.o

That rocks.

I want mono.

Better yet, when I get a girlfriend, I wanna give HER mono! =3

“I love you. Have a contagious disease. No wait! I didn’t mean-”

I want one!


Cute. ^^

Aww…they’re cute ^.^

ThinkGeek is the awesomest site ev0r.

I’m coming down with something right now.

Guh, I’ve got a cold right now too. And I have to walk two miles in the rain to get to college in about 30 minutes. (Uphill both ways :D)

Ah, those were in Dragon.

Also: Nasal Spray > Cold.

They’re plushies, so they’re cute.

Yeee! That is so cute! ^^

It’d be funny if the plushes had the infections ON them! I’d parcel ebola to some dude in the USA. XD

Edit: Forget I said parcel, add box.

So that’s where my girlfriend got Mono from…