Bobble Head Dolls

I was just wondering if anybody here collects bobble head dolls. My father used to collect them a while back, and I just started my collection. I have a Larry Bird (greatest white basketball player ever!) bobble head doll and a “The Rock” bobble head doll at the moment.

Yeah, they’re useless, but think of them like miniature statues who can agree with you if you need to make a decision. Anyways, so who else collects these things?

I like making bobble head dolls out of dead babies.

Hey Shinobi, do you sell these? I bet you could make a good profit out of that.

I do matter-o-fact. it all depends on what kind of baby you want. We have a wide selection of abortion, thrown in closet, eaten by crow babies, and much much more :smiley:

Sounds like a major sell out:hahaha;

I have one i got from mcdonalds…

I wouldn’t be suprised, they probably make their burgers out of dead babies too.

Yeah, but you’re speaking of baby HEADS- that isn’t very interesting. Everybody knows the best tasting part of the human body is the genetalia, especially when fried.

I don’t collect them, but my sister has 3 different bobble-head Jesus’

Are they made from real Jesus skin?

Originally posted by Shinobi
Are they made from real Jesus skin?

Don’t be daft! Jesus’ skin is over two thousand years old- its decomposed by now. Until he is resurrected, we can’t have Jesus skin bobble head dolls. Sad but true. We’ll have to settle for the Mother Theresa skin Jesus bobble head dolls.

I have a pic of people eating dead babies in Taiwan… If anyone explains me how to post it here, I’ll do it.

Uh…no you won’t.

Anyway, I think bobble head dolls are stupid, I mean what the fuck? It’s a mini man with a wiggly head.

It’s not a hoax. Really, as gross as it might sound, in Taiwan people eat dead babies. It’s shit, but I want to show it to you. Please explain me!

We’ll take your word for it rather than seeing it :stuck_out_tongue:

Originally posted by NeOKaEsAr_ChRoNoS
Really, as gross as it might sound, in Taiwan people eat dead babies. is NOT a valid news source. (Don’t click that link unless you like sick shit). Furthermore, you’re fucking retarded for believing that shit.

I would advise against posting an image of the cannabalistic habits of the Taiwanese, considering it’d get you banned, but seeing as how your stupid enough to believe that people actually eat babies in Taiwan maybe you deserve it.

EDIT: … whatever they sent me mail bout that, I never seeked a page or something like that…

How bout you could have just said that it’s from Rotten or FacesofDeath.

Fuck, hit quote instead of edit.

cough ANYWAY.

I have a Bedtime Bear bobble head, because I collect Bedtime Bears. It’s head isn’t really all that big compared to its body, but it still bobbles. ^-^