Bobble Head Dolls

Nekowhateverthefuckyourstupidnameis, next time you get an e-mail claiming something outlandish like that, check BEFORE accepting it as the truth.

I don’t have any, but I have seen some osborne ones in a claw machine at our walmart… Ya. Personally, I think they’re… eerie. Just bobbin’ their heads… and stuff. They can’t say no unless you smack 'em.

Anyway, I think bobble head dolls are stupid, I mean what the fuck? It’s a mini man with a wiggly head.

yeah, there isn’t much of a point… but like I said, they’ll always agree with you…

but what I don’t like about my “The Rock” bobble head is that it is giving me the People’s Eyebrow… it’s just there… STARING AT ME WITH THAT EYEBROW!!!

and Larry Bird looks like he’s gonna launch a 3-pointer off of me.

Bird: Off Eric’s skull, onto the monitor, off the Dr. Pepper bottle, nothing but net.

(boy do I remember those commecials.)

Am I the only one that is clueless as to what a bobble head doll is?

They’re those little statue things with big wobbly heads. You hit their head, and it shakes. Or nods. Or somethin’.

I have a doggy bobble head. It’s brown with big eyes. And it nods its head whenever I look at it… >_>