Blitzball help

I am playing FFX for the first time and just got through Luca.

I serously suck at blitzball.

Can i get some help plz?

You’re not really meant to win the Luca game. It took me four tries on my second playthrough to do it. -_- All you get is a stupid Strength Sphere, anyway.

When you play as the mini-game, you are again not supposed to win your first few matches, until your players start leveling up and you get some good techs. So don’t get discouraged. Fairly soon you’ll be smashing your way through everyone. 8p

I always have to win that first game anyway, out of principle.

If you get Tidus’ special move, you should be able to win every game. If you didn’t get it from the sequence, you can repeat it until you learn it (press the pad/stick the direction where the words appear).

How do you learn techs in the game. Marking is confusing.

You choose one of your characters to mark an opponent. The opponents techs are diaplayed on the right hand side of the screen. Those that your player can learn are displayed in white. During the match, if the opponent uses that technique the word ‘techcopy’ will be displayed on the screen. Press x when this appears to learn the technique. This isn’t always successful. The higher your level in comparison to your opponent, the better the chance of learning the technique. You should try to get players to learn their key techniques first.
The Jecht Shot is obtained on the SS Winno before you get to Luca. This really comes in handy during your matches. If you missed it, I think you have to wait until you have the air ship for another chance.

I’d also recommend recruiting new players. You can pick up some that are a lot better than the original Aurochs.

Ya know I actually won that match in Luca, my first time through. And that was with out the Jecht Shot. I guess I was just lucky.

Anyway, getting new players is a key part. I have four new players on my team, and no one can ever beat me.

Also, a little trick I think helps is before you play Blitzball (after Luca I mean) resets the stats. That way you and everyone else is on equal levels. Makes things slightly easy.

I didn’t know you could reset your stats. I take it you can’t do this before the tournament in Luca?

Anyway, I was wondering if anybody could recommend me a good player. My team is currently:

LF- Tidus

I’m happy with the majority of my team but I need a replacement for Miyu, her pass is terrible and it really limits my options when I’m playing.

Hire new members. The basic Aurochs are pretty horrible for the most part.
My team:
Tidus (obviously offensive player)
Wedge (started off with really high offense, around level 30 it slowed down, and now his catch rating is really high)
Brother (super fast, decent shoot stat, decent overall stats. I had him on defence for a while because my offense was crowded, but now I can put him about anywhere)
Ropp (very high attack and pass, as well as good endurence and block)
Mifurey (Mifurey + Sphere Shot = GOAL! Slow as molasses {speed starts at 30}, but makes up for it with high stats everywhere else, she’s been a better scorer that Tidus until about level 40)
Kyou (goalie. unfortunately limited in techs, but I haven’t gotten all of her key ones yet, lacks any of the anti-tech abilities)

I haven’t lost a game in a very long time with this team, and early on I had to make an effort to throw games so I could win the second place prize when first was an echo screen or something.

By the way, how long did it take for other people to get Wakka’s reels and the Jupiter thingy? I haven’t seen them come up yet, except for once when I reset the stats on a whim and it was the first place prize for something.

Another thing you should know…

After you get the airship, you can hire Wakka to play with you. He’s quite good, and he only costs 1 Gil per game. He also learns this unque tech that gets much stronger if you use all the original Aurochs.

I’ve never ever lost with the following team:

LF- Wedge
RF- Tidus
MF- Brother
LD- Naida
RD- Ropp
GL- Durren (or Nimrook, if I get lucky enough to have the Al Bhed drop him and nobody else hire him first)

Just thought I’d put that out.

I have one simple strategy, get the Jetch Shot and pass it to Tidus. Haven’t lost a game yet and I use all the origional Aurochs.

Jecht Shot 2 kicks ass~~

It didn’t take me too long to get the overdrives. I would win a tournament and then save my game, before seeing what prizes were announced for the next tournament. If it wasn’t one of Wakka’s overdrives, I reset my game, as the prizes are random. The Jupiter sigil took longer because you have to complete a league, but you should only have to complete one once if you save your game before the prizes for the next league are announced, because there’s only a 50% chance that the sigil will be one of them.

By the way, Nessa, could you tell me where you found Naida please? I really need a new defender.

My starting six

Tidus [FW]
Brother [FW, MF]
Linna [FW, MF]
Naida [D]
Wedge [FW, D]
Kyou [G, MF, D]

and I also either pick up jumal or hold on to keepa so I have extra goalie, so I can move Kyou into a midfield or defensive position to level him up (and take advantage of Nap Tackle 3)

And you can pretty much juggle all those people around to whatever position on the field you want, to balance out levels. Tidus, Wedge, Linna, and Brother can all score mucho goals (even from the Def. position if they have a good shot tech), so, like, yeah, this team will destroy everybody.

EDIT: also, I tend to wait until after I’ve gotten the airship to bother with blitzball and signing players, becasue by that point

A) i’ve got quick access to every free agent
B) I have a metric assload of cash
C) therefore, I can sign people to virtual lifetime contracts (99 games, more than enough to get all Wakka’s sigils and reels and shit)

Naida is in the Calm Lands, at the Travel Agency. I think she may be the shopkeeper, I don’t remember for sure. If not, then she’s just standing around nearby.

Are the Aurochs really worth keeping for that one shot tech though?

Grah, I’ve gone through enogh games to get to team level 14 and still haven’t seen a single attack reel or the Jupiter sigil as a prize. :frowning:

What is someones salrary based on?

Could someone explain to me how does the Jecht Shot 2 looks like and what does it do? i never got it

Jecht shot 2 is like Jecht shot 1, only more. I don’t know. I haven’t got it yet either. I actually try to avoid using it when I don’t have to, since the animations take up 20 seconds before the ball even gets moving (10 secs to start + 5 more for each player knocked away), then if the goalie has grip gloves and super goalie you need at least 30 seconds if you even want to think about having enough time to make it, assuming your essentially in the goal. grumble grumble