Black Mages 3 Confirmed

It’s 15 minutes long, “Darkness and Starlight”. Some of it decent, most of it painful. I don’t care for the opera singers or the narrator too much. I’d like to be able to picture Celes singing, not some 300 pound opera singer who sounds like she just finished eating the set.

As far as the other stuff, I like Distant Worlds from FFXI, it’s a great tune if you haven’t heard the original. I’ve listened to some of the other songs but not enough to comment. Worth the download.

I didnt realize this was 2 years old. I said the same thing then as I did now. Hahahahahahahahahahaaaahhhhhh…

Listening to some of it, it’s more synthier then ever. They might as well just leave the originals on there.

Ok, I listened to all of it a few times. Yeah, there are so many missed oppurtunities. Less synth and more guitar would’ve helped a lot. This is a frikin Manheim Steamroller album. - Dwelling of Duels. It’s a monthly competiton based on a chosen theme (unless it’s Free month). Lots of good stuff, especially the alt/joke tunes. There’s TON’s of music to discover if you’ve never heard of it before.

I thought the FF6 Opera ‘remake’ was pretty nifty. Nothing I’m going to whore out to my ears over and over again, but nifty nonetheless.

Hi, first time poster here.

In my opinion, the first BM album had the better tracks but the second one had a live-r feel (after all the first one was only two guys, no live drums, etc.)

At Square Enix Music Online people are quite impressed with the third album.

BTW; it appears that people in the game music world use “remix” as a fancy term for “version”, doesn’t the word remix actually imply working with the original tracks? (and in the day before dance ‘remixes’ even ONLY with the original tracks…)


Not for a very very long time. Back when the FF Mystic Quest soundtrack came out, it had two bonus tracks called “Re-Mixtic Quest”. Both were entirely new covers of several themes from the game (and both of them rocked). This was in the early '90s.

Actually, I seem to recall there being three tracks, but one of them was terrible.

Hell yes. The ones which rocked were the “MYSTIC RE-QUEST” tracks and the bad one was “RE-MIXTIC QUEST” (that one did feature some tiny bit of the original sound but not much - it was the one with the obnoxious voice saying “MYS-TIC-QUEST” every now and then).

But yes, now that you mention, it’s true that by the mid-90s the word “remix” had lost all of its original meaning.

Oh jesus christ, I hated that third track. That was the only time I actually deleted a track from the OST. it was a waste of space.

Finally got around to listening to it. Definitely the weakest of the three. The only two tracks that I really enjoyed were Grand Cross (FF9 final battle) and Neo Exdeath. The Extreme was okay, but totally pointless. They murdered Assault of the Silver Dragons. The opera was… very very strange. I seriously burst out laughing at the end of it.

I hope they give it up. They’ve mined all the best stuff in the first two albums (mostly in the first one)… give it a rest.

On the other hand, they are a very good prog rock band. I’d like to hear more original stuff. I would probably get into it more.