Black Mages 3 Confirmed


Heh, yeah, I’ve noticed similarities between Dark Messenger and Tyran Castle, too …


This is coming out in two weeks.

Honestly, they grabbed all the best tunes for the first CD, and while the second one had some good ones, some were just phoning it in. The tunes they picked for this one seem like scraping the bottom of the barrel for the most part. Well… maybe I should wait and see how they arranged them before being disappointed. :sunglasses:

Here’s the tracklist:

Track # Title Game Notes
1 Opening - Bombing Mission Final Fantasy VII
2 Neo EXDEATH Final Fantasy V orig. “Final Battle”
3 The Extreme Final Fantasy VIII
4 Assault of the Silver Dragons Final Fantasy IX
5 KURAYAMINOKUMO Final Fantasy III trans. “Cloud of Darkness”
6 Distant Worlds Final Fantasy XI
7 Premonition Final Fantasy VIII
8 Grand Cross Final Fantasy IX orig. “Final Battle”
9 Darkness and Starlight Final Fantasy VI orig. “Opera ~ Maria and Draco”
10 LIFE ~in memory of KEITEN~ ??? seems to be original

They’re not even that good either. There are much better remixers out there. I second the disappointment in the selection.

How many times has this been redone? FFVI had other music. :thud:

And FFVII had other music than One Winged Angel, but it seems to be the fan favorite.

I really liked most of the first album and about half of the second. I haven’t heard better remixers for hard-rock, but then again, I’m pretty much limiting myself to OC Remix.

If you want good remixes, send me a PM and I’ll point you in the right direction.

What sucks is that there are still some tracks that they’ve done that haven’t been done better by other people, like the battle on the big bridge has yet to get a proper adaptation.

Why is it a problem when their version is pretty good?

My point is that its not and that its unfortunate it hasn’t been done better by other people who could, like SSH.

I thought it was pretty good… 8-(

I thought the Battle on the Big Bridge was okay, but I’d like to hear more variety, as well.

I can’t stand their digressions with the pointless synth.

I liked them once, but since then, I’ve got to agree. But then, I also hate music defined entirely by super-fast electric guitars, drums, and synths. it all sounds so lifeless.

The Black Mages haven’t been among my favorites either. I wonder, though, are the doing the entire opera sequence from FF6, or just a portion? I happen to think that one of the greatest things about the existence of videogames is that they enabled the not even two minute long orchestral version of the waltz from the opera sequence to be done on one of the OGC albums in a most decadent manner. I can’t really imagine anything approaching it on a Black Mages set.

I’ve downloaded it just now. Haven’t listened to it all the way through, but at least it’s out there for people to find.

The Dark Cloud remix is identical to the one that was on the FFIIIDS OST, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. It’s a freebie track for the CD.

I will say the remix of the FF6 Opera is pretty neat. It’s not spectacular, but it IS a different sort of remix than we’re used to hearing. A rock opera, instead of yet another orchestration. I give it points for that.

Grand Cross is so-so. It’s nice to finally hear a remix of that track, and most of it is done well. But… a few parts make me cringe a bit.

I thought the second album blew away the first one. My only gripe was Otherworld. The point is to do heavy versions of FF music, rigiht? They did that one bass ackwards. The original was pretty heavy to begin with, then they turn it into a fucking Thundercats song. As for them versus other people, Powerglove and Ailsean do it so much better. Powerglove’s version of Those who fight further is how the fucking thing should sound.

I quite liked the BM remix of that.

Yuck. To each their own, I guess.

I second DR’s points. Speaking of Powerglove and FF music, their remix of Bizaro Sephiroth’s theme, a song I didn’t really like to start with, was GENIUS.

I’m surprised they’re doing the last boss music from FFV. That’s probably what I’ll be looking forward to the most. Same with the track from FFVII… I was actually wondering what that would be like with a band playing it. The others I’m not too impressed with but I’m sure they’ll pull them off fine.
I think I’m looking more forward to the second disc if they’re still doing one based on Japanese myths.