What is up with always having mon in it’s name.
Meowth can speak.

yeah but Meowth and Mewtwo are the only one speaking o_ô; (at least for what i saw) and yeah at first i taught it was annoying the names always ending in mon but i got usued ^^;

Although Digimon names get a little weird on the final evolutions like “Blackwargreymon” or “Metalgarurumon”. I was fearing someone would show up with a name like “Metalultrasupermegasomethingmon 2.0” -_-

They will soon.

Isn’t Digimon over?

No, the 4th season was only made a two years ago, chances are they’ll have a new one.

That was the one with the totally new people, right?

Actaully, I read somewhere there’s infinite pokemon now

Also, I cant beleive the later Beyblade series combine cg with still frames. pukes

Digimon’s third season (Tamers) took place in an elseworld (Our world, actually) with totally new people. The fourth season (Frontier) is made in yet another elseworld. There is a fifth season called V-Tamers or something but that was made only for Manga and there are no plans to animate it thanks to Frontier’s low ratings.

As far as I know, that’s all for Digimon.

Weren’t there a couple of movies too?

Several, actually. Four for the first two seasons, two for Tamers and one for Frontier.

The only ones ever dubbed were the first three (Digimon Adventures 0, Bokura No War Game and Golden Digimental) that were mashed together and got several scenes cut in order to create what you know as Digimon: The Movie. The one left out was Diaboromon’s Return.

Actually, I think I saw the return thing during the summer. Some of it anyway. It actually looked pretty good, I thought.

i watched lots of Digimon movies they were all great but i wonder why the heck almost all the leaders from the series are like Tai ??? that’s a little cliche no ?? ><:

It’s their trademark I guess. Not only in the anime and Movies, all the main characters in the games have spiky hair and goggles.

Speaking of the games, does anybody have any idea in which ones does Ryo Akiyama appear? The ones in which they fight against Millenniumon?

i don’t know -_-;; i haven’t played any of the games X_X; but really the only one escaping the stupidity stuff is Takato <<;; he’s not so stupid like Tai or Davis X_X

Tamers was the most serious of the seasons (If you look deep into it, most of the stuff with Hypnos and the Wild Team is based on real internet projects made by the army) so it was expected that the main guy would be a little less dumber. I still like Ruki the best though.

my fav is still Takato ^^ he’s so kind and sweet and thank God it was a serious serie i couldn’t stand neither Tai or Davis’s behavior -.-;

Goggles isnt original…

“my fav is still Takato ^^ he’s so kind and sweet and thank God it was a serious serie i couldn’t stand neither Tai or Davis’s behavior -.-;”

Uhh, its “series” actually. U sound like a british person

O________o sorry my bad -.-;;; and yeah i agree with you bout Takato ^_____^ and Tai with the dubbed voice gaved me a little will to wack him <<;;;