What about the buggy one around cinibar island.

Whatever, thanks though! :slight_smile:

see i guess thats why i was never cool…but yeah the glitch one missing no doesnt count cuz he didnt have a number…man even now those games are pretty good

It’s anime revolving around mother-fucking spinning tops. I don’t have to see it to know it’s probably shit.

Edit: Heh, “revolving”. That wasn’t intentional, I swear.

Missigno or whatever the heck was it was labeled as Pokémon #0. It wasn’t a real one anyway because it screwed your game if you caught it.

It WAS supposed to be a real one though. I dont remember the story behind it.

I think it was just a bug. When they asked the designers about it they just said:

Programmer 1: Ehhhh…
Programmer 2: Uhm… we… did it on purpose…?
Programmer 1: Yeah! It was there all along! We put it there as a secret Pokémon!
Programmer 2: That’s it! It was intended, we didn’t make a mistake, seriously!

At least that’s what I heard.

It was supposed to be a real pokemon. the Missing No. But they decided not to do it, I think it was a bug, maybe they didnt get rid of it, or rid of it all the way or whatever. I dunno.

bahh i think missigno is just a bug <<;; a defect that wasn’t deleted u_u;; sincerely there aren’t just 151 ^^;;; there are 251 O-o counting with Saphire and Ruby

Still a pokemon it is catchable.

There are 252 counting Gold and Silver. I think with Saphire and Ruby the number goes past 400.

I thouht it was in its 300

I don’t know really after a certain number of pokemons i lost myself X_X; but i think you’re right O.o

Chances are he’s right.

yap n_n;; probably he is O.o i don’t really remember -_______-;;; it’s so confusing that pokemon stuff

If you think Pokémon is huge you should try Digimon. There are only two hundred-something of them but with all the different combinations, evolution types, elements you have enough shit to last you a lifetime.

they should make a mock version where instead of pokemon theres like 150 different types of annoying people to catch you ogtta fight thm against eachother like… i choose you faTaSS…and then like go MORman! fatass body slam now! morman confuse him with why your religion is real!.. fatass became confused… now mormon use mulitply call all the other mormans to smother fatass!

lol yeah i know Digimon has the same problem ^^;;; but pokemon gets a little annoying after some time X_X; but at least Digimon is kinda funny (IMO)

I’m with you, at least Digimon has something that remotely resembles a plot and characters that last more than one chapter. And they also have Omnimon and Beelzemon, those guys are so freaking cool.

hey i personally adoooore Wizardmon i love that type of Digimon ^_________^and at least they talk pokemon only say their names (and badly)