I know lots of ppl think beyblade is for kids but actually i find it very cool and diferent from the other animes like i’m a huge fan of beyblade i wonder if anyone else watch it ^^; (sorry for this english i’m just a newbie ._.; )

Your english is better then a lot of other people’s. Don’t worry! :slight_smile: And, about Beyblade…I think it’s OKAY. The idea is original, and the character models are pretty good in my opinion. But, the storyline isn’t anything amazing…at all. Every season it’s:

“We have to play Beyblade to save the world!”

You would think they could atleast come up with a better consept, even if it is for kids. But, I admit I like the toy ones you can bye in stores.

The series has twice had my eyebrows twitch up:

  1. It happens to have a CATGIRL innit!

  2. The main character Kino happens to be a character in Dream Mix TV: World Fighters. Optimus Prime, Solid Snake and Simon Belmont eat him though.

Kino? I think you mean Tyson. And, YES! I forgot about the cat girl! She was cool!

I agree with Kiro, Beyblade is only bordering the “Ok”. There are several facts that played against it:

  1. The storyline is simply absurd. It was ok while they were just playing against each other in the tournament, but when they introduced the guy that was trying to rule the world using those shiny beasts it turned down right ridiculous.

  2. The whole show was obviously just a front for selling endless amounts of merchandise. Which they did.

  3. The dub (At least the Mexican one) was simply horrible.

  4. Way too many characters with no importance whatsoever and even the main ones were forgettable. All I remember is that the chinese guy Ray was a manwhore and that the guy with the phoenix was somewhat cool.

never watched it…but the idea of fighting tops agaisnt other tops…sry…but thats worse than cathing monsters in lil balls and making them fight other monsters…tho i must admit i was a fan of pokemon far longer than i shiulda been…tho the games just were fun

The only thing I hate more than Beyblade is Yugi-oh. Man, the storyline is awful.

The worst part is that it affects your life. I had to take my cousins to, get this shit, ACTUAL BEYBLADE TOURNAMENTS and let me tell you that there are few things more pathetic than watching a mob of ten year olds screaming at their stupid tops because they believe they’ll obey their orders like in the anime.

I’m gonna have to go and say that Beyblade is the hella suck. I’m sorry. But few things are worse than english dubbed anime, except english dubbed kiddie anime.

But the notion of a catgirl just may change my opinion a little. Is she hot? Pix plz, k? thx.

I think this is who they are talking about. I’ve never seen her since I only watched a few separated episodes but according to my cousin Carolina, she’s the chinese guy’s girfriend.

she’s not a catgirl. those arent ears it’s a bow.

Yeah. the series blows.

actually the catgirl’s name is Mariah (originally is Mao) u_u and yes it’s right those aren’t ears o_ô it’s just a bow and the chinese guy is Ray Kon from the White Tigers yeah she loves him but they’re not a couple and the dubbs are afowl but in g-rev the serie is soo cool the story isn’t soo lame or childish like the 1º one u-u personally kids that get obcessed are lame and stupid…

It’s not Yu-gi-oh! and it’s not pokemon, but it attracted the same crowd and did the same merchandice whoring that they both did… I’ll give it less thought than I did either of the first two.

She isn’t a REAL cat girl but she half is. She has cat eyes, and a bunch of other things.

Sorry, if she doesnt have real cat ears and a tail, she isnt a catgirl, and the series continues to suck

Happy birthday, BTW :slight_smile:

hey i don’t really care if ppl hate it ^^; and yeah the Bai Hu Zu team is almost all based in catboys and a catgirl u_u; but the only serie of beyblade i find annoying is V-Force -_-;;; Hilary is kinda like Misty X___X and yes it’s true lots of merchandising(wrong spelling i think…)but there are dumb kids everywhere no ?? <<;;;

The best blader in the first episode before tyson beat him is a good character.
That is the only positive.

i remember the good old days…when pokemon ruled the world and the only thing you hadta know to be cool was 150 different made up names to made up monsters

Wasn’t it 151 or 152.

151 counting Mew. I’m surprised a guy with a Squirtle avatar doesn’t know that.