Best SaGa game.

What is The Best?
Lets Make this deeper than just yeah Unlimited is my Favourite and Frontier 1 is my least

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And there are the Final Fantasy Legends. They’re known as Sagas 1, 2, and 3. Personally, my favcorite is SaGa Frontier 1.

how do I dedit the poll? :thinking: :thinking:

i liked SF1, had nice enemies, charas and cool music.
next is SF2
then RS3
then Unlimited

Romancing SaGa 3 because you get to explore a nifty little land that has plenty of logic behind it. Although I haven’t played RS1 or RS2, none of the other SaGas have worlds which can compare.

SaGa Frontier 2 comes second.

Dyhalto got a faovourite RS3 Character? mine are Harid, Shonen, Sharl and of course ELEPHANT ZO!

I like Frontier 1 because its sophisticated, yet it doesnt have screwy menus. The weapons you can use forever. It also has a lot of replay value

Saga Frontier 1

I like Unlimited best because the playstyle reminds me alot of those old 80’s computer games that had graphics but it let you rely more on your imaganation,
than just simply saying ‘allright look at the pretty graphics arent they great? this is whats going on you dont have to make a mental picture,its our game its our vision not yours OURS,and you see what we envisioned,not your mental picture’
now that kinda stuff is whats ruining games I think the next group of consoles should revert back to 64 bit,after that 32,after that 16,after that 8,then start back over untill you get back to 64 then back to 32,16,8,16 and so on(128 looks really good but it lokks too good and the world is in deep need for a graphic backwards reversion.
Anyone agree???

NO SPOILER,just like to shroud stuff like this

Maybe I am saying that is because I have been playing video games since I was 3(way back in The Darker Mists of 1990 :fungah: :ark: :fungah: :booster: :fungah: I love using The Dark Mists for refering to something that happened more than a year ago)
(I saved The Princess(if you dont know what I am talking about 128 bit has spoiled you) before I was 4,and had beaten several games before I was even in school).

NO SPOILER,just like to shroud stuff like this

Thats a tough one. Here’s my ideas.

In 128 bit games like FFX and Everquest Online adventures were pretty great.

64 and 8 didnt have too many good rpgs.

32 and 16had lots of great games like Final Fantasy, Mana, and Star Ocean. At the same time, a lot of them were stereotypical turn based battling, like in Fairyland, Arcana, and Lufia.

Honestly I decided long ago not to have a favorite SaGa or Final Fantasy. I can never decide my favorite in either series. That’s why.

yes FFX was a great game but do you think we should ge at lleast one nore overhead Final Fantasy?


I also dont really see how Unlimited SaGa is more about imagination than other rpgs. I havent played it too much. What i thoguht it was is more like a dungeon crawler.

Dungeon Crawler? :thinking: :booster:

I was never really bothered by the style of U.SaGa’s graphics. If nothing else it made replaying the game rather interesting because the parts of other RPGs I’d want to rush when replaying are not in U.SaGa. But ah well my view is to try to be used to multiple styles.

My favorite game in the series? Probly SaGa Frontier. It was a bit simple, a bit complex…there were pretty original story concepts, but it didn’t try to do anything too big, all the scenarios were fairly different, and the music was awesome. The only thing I wish it had was more sidequests, like in RS3. I loved how there was TONS of shit that you never had to do in RS3, but you should just do it for kicks anyways. That made the world of RS3 seem really good and worth exploring, whereas while the places to travel in SaGa Frontier’s world seem to visually show differences in cultures and stuff, makign every place diverse, you really didn’t have all that much exploring to do. :stuck_out_tongue:

I really don’t thnk that newer graphics really ruin games. I think it would be gameplay more than anything, and even that isn’t that bad. :stuck_out_tongue: You just grow tired of games after a while…you begin to be more choosey when you grow up, cos you have to buy them for yourself, so you begin to only buy games that you’re fairly certain would interest you. Or, at least, that’s been my experience. I became more choosey about what games to buy once it became my own money I was investing into games, and even more choosey after a while, cos you begin to see what works for you (For example, I don’t really buy games by hype of other people anymore; I bought Xenosaga and Disgaea for that reason, and I thought it was a rather mediocre game. Xenosaga, was TERRIBLE in my opinion :P). But, there’s still plenty of good games out there. Unlimited SaGa wasn’t AMAZING, but it wasn’t BAD. Mega Man X7 was a pretty intense game, I enjoyed it. The TMNT game was hella fun for a long time, Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance are some incredibly amusing games to play with friends. Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter is one of the best RPGs I’ve played in years; easily the best PS2 RPG, I think. So, yeah. :stuck_out_tongue: In my opinion, I think we’re just getting more choosey without realizing it. But, maybe it’s just me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah the Orlouge fight alone gives it awsome music

I chose SaGa Frontier 1 as my favorite of the series. I will explain all the reasons below.

SaGa Frontier was the first of the series that I played- so it naturally gets the number one slot because of that. But also, because of certain things that really drew me to the game.

I love the dark style of graphics. The character sprites have this weird style that is unlike anything I’ve seen, and the backgrounds of course are visually appealing to me.

I love the 7 different characters’ scenarios and how they mesh together and unfold. Asselus is of course one of my favorites, because of the dark, vampire-esque feel to it, and the use of dark purples and blues of Rootville and Facinaturu. Blue’s quest is also one of my favorites because he’s a magic junky, and he looks cool as hell.

I love the battle system, how you can make any character have any type of ability (besides monsters and mechs). I love the combo system, this is the greatest form of the combo system in the entire series in my opinion.
I love how there are SO MANY skills to learn, and you have to do certain things to learn them- and how a character will learn them mid battle.

I love how there is so much to do in the game, and in pretty much every quest you can do all of the sidequests. I love the free roaming open endedness of the game, and how you will get pissed off when you don’t know where to go next (and so you buy a strategy guide for the game). I love hearing about the backstory, as the game was a truely massive idea from the creators and they weren’t able to fit it into the game. (I wish essence was in english).

I could go on, but I think this sums the game up pretty well. I also like how the game is really an underground cult game and how only a few people like us like it, and that a forum like this was created to talk about its greatness (and the other games that are in the series and their greatness).

Truely is one of my favorites.

I noticed that Saga Frontier was one of those games that you don’t like at first but once you get used to its style you like it