Best/Favorite weapon?

This has probably been done a lot, but I wanted to see how everyone felt.

My personal favorite is…Lionheart

Dear, sweet Lionheart.

Chirijiraden. Powerful weapon, obscene draw out skill.


Hmmm…favorite weapon???

I will go with the Ragnarok

In any videogame?
Vampire Killer (Castlevania)
tied with
Frostmourne (Warcraft 3)

Final Fantasy?
Save the Queen (Tactics)
Excalibur (Tactics)

From an FF, I’d say the Ogre Nix (mistranslated as Organics) in FF7. From any other RPG or game, I’d say Clive’s Gunganir from WA3.

Let’s see, from a FF game, my favourite weapon would have to be Sephiroth’s Masamune. That thing is just impressive.

The Excalipoor!

Seriously though, Vassago’s Scythe from FF11. That thing just plain looks badass.

I like the …atma weapon (i prefer a good shuriken over Dadaluma’s **** ) XD…joking…

I believe I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating,

Braveblade, FF5

Nailbat! (FF7) :fungah:

I mean, it’s a piece of wood with nails in it, and one of the more powerful weapons in the game! I love the irony… :mwahaha:

Most useful:
Squall’s Lionheart (FF8)
Dual Wielding Excalibur and Chaos Blade (FFT)

Better looking:
Zidane’s Ultima Weapon (FF9)
Cloud’s Ultima Weapon (FF7)

Better looking regardless of game:
All the prism stuff in Chrono Cross.

Best weapon EvOr regardless of game:
Serge’s Mastermune.

FF1’s Masamune- The most powerful thing in the game, and ANYONE can equip it, dear heavens!

But when it comes to looks, I kinda like The Ogre in FF9. Wicked.


Weapon that I love: Cure Staff/Rod. (Free healing!! Exelent Zombie Killer!!!) (FF6+9)

Useful Attacking Weapon: Blood Sword (3-4 Zodiac Coins) (FF9)

Big Nutter

Gunblade all the way! Mine or Squall’s, whatever.

Well, this thread has gotten me in trouble. I have made the following bet with Resh, my boyfriend:

I will beat Omega weapon using only Lionheart and Angel Wing (obviously in FF8). I will be able to use healing and status effect spells and healing items but no physical or elemental magic that isn’t caused by Angel Wing, and no other weapon but Lionheart. I can’t use GF attacks but I can junction magic. I get three tries and any help granted from Angelo, Phoenix and snort Gilgamesh is out of my hands so allowed.

We haven’t set the stakes yet, but I have two weeks to prepare.

This ought to be something.

Try not to raise the stakes too much, 'cuz you’re likely to fail.

I believe in myself…doesn’t that count for anything these days?

Actually, I believe in my junctioning system. However, I’d better get a boat if I pull this off.

Well, at least get yourself some damn good odds.
As for the question, I like the Rainbow Edge for both categories. It just rocks.