Belated Merry May 17th

As the title says, a very merry belated Merry May 17th to you all. I know it’s been a while since I’ve stopped by, and I’d love to say that this is a sign of things to come, but I can promise nothing. Real life has taken over my life. Since last I was here, I was promoted to manager at EB, and then that was taken from me (a loss prevention guy called me and said that my application wasn’t filled out in full when I was re-hired, thus my application was falsified, thus he took my job, and now I’m unemployed.)

Anyway, I took some <A HREF=“”>pretty new pictures</A>. Check em out.

SAT! You’re ALIVE!

Well, at least I’m not the walking undead. :smiley:

Man that is bullshit.

That’s what I said… >_<

Basically, I came in to work on Thursday, having just started my second month as a manager at EB, when my district manager showed up. He didn’t know what was going to happen, either, he just came to help me with my inventory counts. About 10:30, we get a call from corporate, which he takes. He talks to this guy at loss prevention for about half an hour, then I talk to him, about my application that I’d filled out a year before, of all things. He said it wasn’t fully filled out, I said that was crazy, etc. He says he’ll call us back, and he’ll need to speak to the DM. He calls back, the DM talks to him. The DM then basically bitches him out, saying I’m one of the best employees we have, then he hangs up. He looks at me and says “bad news, man. Real bad news.”

However, I’ve learned that in the aftermath, 7 people put in their two weeks notice in our district. 11 people just straight-out quit, including two managers. Basically, the shit hit the fan because I was fired. Which is good, cause I was just about to get used to the $34,000/year that they’d promised me. I was also planning on making a big donation to RPGC this paycheck… >_<

Ouch o_O. What else is up?

Well, I got a new apartment (as visible in those shots), and I’m struggling to make it by, hoping to have a new job by the next time rent rolls around. Other than that, I was working 60+ hours a week as a manager of an EB. Now I just kinda sit around and hang out with whichever of my friends are in town.

Sat !!! 8D Welcome Back, dude !! We missed ya !

Good to know you’re still kickin, I didn’t stop moving either <.<

Stick around, there’s lots to catch up on, yo !

I’ll do what I can, but, again, I can’t promise anything. :smiley:

Nice to know people love you though, Sat.

Dude wtf?

Not even like 2 days ago I came in and Troy said you were the new manager there…so they fuck you out of your job?

Btw this is Ed from HS, long time no see.

all the more reason to boycott EB.

Welcome back Mr. Saturn we missed you.

And that really sucks about happened at EB hope you can get a better job.

Question how did it feel working in EB?since i got a good chance of getting a job there.

Yeah, I heard you were a regular there on my second to last day there, and I was looking forward to seeing you again. Nice hearing from ya, man. :smiley:

As for working for EB? It’s really not bad, and it’s an easy job. I liked it, and I’m still not quite sure what led up to the eventual firing.

Merry fucking May 17th.

Dude, that sucks about the job. I’ve been scrounging for a job at EB for a long time, and I’m patiently waiting til I’m 18 to pull it off. Being a manager sounds like a bomb ass job. How is it? Sucks you lost it though. But I’ll be sure about filling out my application.

<img src=“”> Welcome back Mr. Saturn, I hope your stay in the Real World was nice. Too bad about your job, but at least you got a new apartment. Best of luck to you, and maybe someday you should visit loss prevention and throw Mr. Saturn at them like in Smash Bros. :smiley:

I heard you were a regular there

Just another reason to go to wal-mart to get my games from now on.

Well if that many people quit, all the people they knew could somehow petition…?

It’s a bit too late to get anything reversed at this point. I’m just hoping that all the good references that I have within that company (some as high up as the corporate level, including the immediate boss of the guy who fired me) will be enough to get me a job decent enough to pay for this new apartment…

What happened to the gamestore idea? I thought there was another guy getting in on it so it’d be possible?