Belated Merry May 17th

Ahoy hoy Sat. Good to see ya around again.

And to echo the sentiments of everyone else, that totally sucks that you were fired. Total BS man. I hope ya find something again soon.

: Mr. Crying Smilie says ‘Welcome Back’ and ‘Stupid EB!’.

No more cookies for EB Games! Ever!

We don’t have Eb over here anymore. We have Game, who bought them out (were bought out? I dunno). I’ma go to Gamestation for my games now. >:| Unless there was something radically wrong with your app, things like that shouldn’t happen. Good luck with getting a new job and the apt. :smiley:

You also have too many games. I mean fuck that’s a lotta games. 0_o

Whoa, that’s funny. I spent May 17 in Boston. :yipee:

Yeah, happy May 17 all.

Yeah, dude, what’s up with that?

good to hear from you Sat.

I didn’t know you personaly, but all the same, welcome back.

Well, basically I talked to some people realistically about the thing, including some people who’d gone in on similar ventures in the past. Basically, it’d cost at least $500,000 to get started, including lease, etc, but since I’ll need inventory for at least 6 months or so before I’d really start to make a profit, I better estimate would be somewhere around 2-4 million bucks. Obviously, I don’t have the line of credit to support that, but if I can get enough people in on it, it’s good to go. Two of the guys who left EB with me are in on it, but we’ll obviously need more. Some friends of mine are considering it, but we wanna try to save up the money on our own before we go out and get loans and throw ourselves into debt for the rest of our lives for an idea that might not even work.

So, in short, that idea is still a little in the future.

Oh, wow. I didn’t know it’d be that insanely expensive. It’s good to hear from you though man, and I hope things get straightened out soon.

I figured a game store would be expensive to start up, but $2-4 million? That’s obscene.

Good luck with it though. If it ever gets up and running I’d definitly stop by if I was ever in the area.

Wow, yikes…that’s kind of intense, money-wise. It’s really good to hear from you again though Sat, best of luck with it in the future. I really think you’d be an awesome dude to own a game store, and I know you want to, so I hope things work out so you can achieve that dream.

Squeeze the government!

You could open a market stall or something, and sell games that way. There’s a market place near here, and I know renting a stall (outdoor or indoor) is considerably less than buying property, and alot of stalls sell games.

Anyway, it sucks for you to have lost your job, but at least you have more time to spend with your massive game collection.

Well, between government small business loans and personal loans, I’m still only looking at about $125k. Lease would cost about $15,000-25,000 for 6 months including utilities, and a beginning inventory could cost anywhere from a few hundred thousand to a million, and then there’s advertising, location, fixtures, in store displays/pop/and marketing (most of which I could cover just using things in my house…), etc. It could be an expensive venture, regardless. Keeping in mind that many stores don’t actually make a profit in the first several months of operation, it could cost, as I said earlier, 2-4 million.

But you are right; this finally gives me some time to play some games. I spent yesterday beating NES Classic Zelda [edit: which <I>still</I> isn’t an RPG, nyah :D] on my NES Classic GBA SP (last perk that I treated myself to before getting fired…), and now I’m gonna try to finish up La Pucelle.

Hiya Mr. Saturn ^^

The job thing sounds a little odd… did the guy bother to tell you exactly HOW your app wasn’t filled out correctly? How 'bout a lawsuit for wrongful termination? ;p

Apparently a box wasn’t checked, he wouldn’t say which one. However, the last line of the application says “By signing this line, I certify that I have filled out this application to the best of my ability and that all information on this form is accurate.” It goes on to say, in the employee handbook, that falsifying one’s application is grounds for termination.

I’m not happy about it either, but apparently they <I>are</I> playing by the books… It still seems completely idiotic to me that a multinational corporation would fire someone who’s in good standing with the company over something that stupid.

It still seems completely idiotic to me that a multinational corporation would fire someone who’s in good standing with the company over something that stupid.

Well unfortunately it’s a corporation, and corporations are relatively heartless. You are just a number to somebody up high, no matter who likes you, and there were reasons other than the one you were given for getting canned. Whether it was because they wanted somebody else, didn’t want to pay you, or whatever it may have been, what you got canned for was just the “official” reason.


What kind of business plan are you looking at? It’s not easy to compete well enough with EB/Gamestop/Wal-Mart/Best Buy to make a profit in gaming…you would need a gimmick or something to separate yourself from the rest, and the trade in games trick is already being done.

You could consider setting up in little elm to get some of the hick/white trash market down there…selling old ps1 games or something…but I can’t think of where else you could open up outside of maybe plano?

I agree. That’s why you need to go into a market that would allow that.

I’m currently planning perhaps in Little Elm, since that area’s growing so fast, and is relatively untouched by any retail outlets.

The only gimmick that we’d had planned, aside from having games for systems that the big guys don’t support (like Saturn, Sega CD, TurboGrafx, etc), was that we were going to install arcade machines, a lan center, and other such commodities to make it not just a store, but a gaming community center. Rental was also touched upon, but dismissed.


Come to think of it, I find it kinda funny that a post that I meant as a casual up-to-date on my situation, as well as a link to those pics I took last night, has ended up becoming both a mourning of what happened this week, and a business discussion about the possible future.