being mean to newbs

its really nothing new, but its still pretty bad. i think on those posts of vinen’s in which he was asking questions about saga frontier were completely undeserving of anyones pissy attitude, especally when the guy is new. its not like threads are even cluttering this board, between its timeless discussions of some random veteran’s post count and how “charle” watched a television program two nights ago.

True, but when I was new I actually took the care to look around the site to find were to post. But it would be nice if people wouldn’t get so mad.

Heh… There are quite a few people here that are just dicks. : \

The first time the thread was made, Pierson wasn’t snippy at all.

Then the idiot makes the same fucking thread a few minutes later, despite being told where to put it.

To be honest, I think the reaction was definitely appropriate. SG’s just a little trigger-happy.

Yeah, it makes their epenis larger.

What do you mean trigger happy, Doma? And maybe the kid was confused.

I think that just might be a candidate for the Understatement of the Year Award.

Schwing! What do I win!?

It’s usually the same people, they’re just aggressive. Just their online personality I guess.

Are all mods jerks?

Welcome back to another episode of “The I Hate Silhouette Show”

Jesus… Charle, when are you going to switch back names? It’s getting really stupid and annoying. : \ It was funny for the first few days :3

I would cut him some slack, considering that his location is Paris and his mistake was probably a matter of language.

when you quit bitching about it.

I doubt it’s just aggressiveness. Usually it’s people who’ve been here a while. I figure they think they’ve earned some sort of weight to their words. Everyone knows them, so it’s not like they’ll catch flak for toeing the flaming line from time to time. Of course, if people acted towards them the way they act towards the new folks who show up, they’d either feel angry or shitty in general.

The use of “they” above is not to avoid naming a person. It’s just that to avoid naming a person would be pointless, as the behavior repeats itself as people somehow obtain veteran status around the forums. It’s not just this forum. It happened in the sets of 'boards I was around before I came here.

I suggest no solution. Not my damned job, and there’d be too much swearing anyway.

Edit: There’d probably be something about penises in there too. I’m not sure why, but around here it always comes down to the penises.

I suggest setting mode +b !@*

Any ‘newb’ who posts a “WELCOME MEEEEE!!!” thread is asking for it. I mean seriously, do you really need the recognition of the entire board JUST because you’re here? I don’t think so. The pointless, bullshit threads that a lot of newbs make are also fodder for our assholery. I’m a prime example, I’ve stopped posting all that much because I tend to be a major shit head. The way I see it is if newbs would stop posting stupid threads, we’d have less reason to be assholes.

If you don’t like people, ignore them. It’s really quite that simple.
If someone is mean to you, and you want to talk it out, PM them or something and try to come to level ground- if that doesn’t work talk to a mod about it. Mods are not assholes, they are here to help, but they can’t do that if you don’t ask them to.

So instead of asking if “all mods are assholes, they are out to get me” or saying “yeah some people are just jerks” and spreading more hate (which you seemed to be so heartly aganst). Commenting that “It’s all the e-penis” or shrugging it off cause “It’s not my JOB to help”, maybe you should stop standing around with your hand shoved down your pants wanking off to your own self-realized greatness and take some action. Ignore people, politetly send them PMs- it isn’t hard y’know. If you want to bitch and moan about the mistreatment of newbies, or about the mistreatment of anyone, don’t just put it off to someone else. Noone else is going to care if you can’t start. Personally I just see you all as cop outs, and no I’m not afraid to say that- if you want to reply to that don’t waste board space, my PM box is a better place if you have something to say to that- because you seem to be so concerned about mean people, and dicks, and assholes, yet you seem to do nothing. Be that you feel it is beneath you to do anything, or some other stupid reason- like noone is going to listen to me I’m new. (Oh boo hoo, as if anyone listens to me- I’ll probably get a zillion flames for this, but I don’t care- atleast I’m trying.)

Also, noone is needlessly aggressive, everyone can be reasoned with. So seriously, if it bothers you so much, do something constructive. If not, then you obviously didn’t care enough in the first place, so why even feel anything?

That matter is though, honestly, that noone should have to care about this- this online. E-penis is stupid, and so is assuming you have any weight to your post. Everyone is faceless- that’s why it is so easy to do those faceless ‘crimes’ online.

So please, if you are so upset over it, or whatever you feel, don’t just slouch it off. If you do you could end up like me, and noone wants that.


Jesus, why cant you people just leave poor Hades alone? He cant help being a noob.

Doma Dragoon, you have to consider a few things:

  1. While the thread may have technically been in the wrong place, it doesn’t matter all that much. I may be shooting myself in the foot with this one, but find me the rule that states that threads must be posted specifically in certain specific forums. :stuck_out_tongue: We got rid of the ToB, but we still get ToB-ish threads. That’s no big deal, right? Sometimes threads in the polling forums aren’t polls, no big deal right? I know that I honestly just throw anything that I want immediate correspondence to in the main forum, regardless of the nature of the thread. And while he may not have done that, it’s certainly not against the rules, and for all you know, he might not have understood quite well. He is in France, you know.

  2. On the OTHER hand, Pierson and deadtear broke rules.

    • Don’t create threads or posts with the sole aim of insulting a subject or to generally cause trouble. That’s called ‘trolling’ and we don’t condone it.

You might not call that trolling, but I would call that trolling. What is yelling at him gonna do? It’s not getting the thread deleted, it’s not necesarily fixing the problem. When someone furiously and agitatedly gives you a command, are you as likely to willingly respond as if you were asked nicely? For all they know, since he eventually did get it in the Gaming Help forum, he tried to make his second one in there and messed up. So maybe he doesn’t know how to delete a thread? Honest mistake. You people give don’t cut anybody any slack.

    • Forum moderators and administrators are solely responsible for rule enforcement on our forums. If you are a visitor, please refrain from yelling at another user for violating a rule. If you are that concerned, please notify a mod or admin. Save your vigilantes for Death Wish sequels :stuck_out_tongue:

What Pierson did falls under the vigilante rule. Even worse, he yelled at him for something that wasn’t even a rule infracture.

And so, that does it. Was I quick to ‘pull the trigger’, so to speak? Hell yes I was. That’s called ‘experience.’ When you see something like that, it’s easy to see that it’s gonna just get filled with tons of insults toward the perpetrator, or even worse, tons of people will come to his aid and another retarded flame war will start. Yeah, you’re damn right I closed it right away. Leaving it up any longer would be pointless, especially since he put it in the Gaming Help forum, as he was asked to.

Lastly, no one forces anyone to read these threads. The only people responsible for reading pretty much every thread are moderators adn administrators. You’re not one. Pierson and deadtear are not. A lot of people that bitch and whine and moan about such insignificant things like that are not moderators. You bring it on yourself if you read them and then decide to post. Sure, that’s the point of message boards, but in public, do you respond to anything and everything that’s said around you? Do you make a comment at any point where you are given the opportunity? Hell no you don’t. Why should the message boards be any different, especially when you don’t post in other threads that could start some real conversations? That’s stupid. You can believe whatever you want, but I don’t stand for that crap.